What Guiding Values Drive BTE and Its Employees?

Our Values at Business Training Experts  

Making a Positive Impact by Improving Lives

While the focus of Business Training Experts is improving our clients’ profits by maximizing employee potential, the guiding value of our company and employees is to make a positive impact and improve the lives of our clients’ employees. By offering training and development programs using our burst learning model we are able to accomplish both goals.

Who Was The Worst Manager You Worked For?

Nearly anyone whom you ask this question to can recall the worst manager they have worked for. Bad managers hurt your organization and its people, affecting productivity, morale, engagement, and attitudes. The workplace is an unpleasant place to be, employee’s professional and personal lives suffer, and your organization loses productivity and profits.

Which of Your Employees has Quit, but Keeps Showing Up for Work?

Not only are there bad managers, there are also bad employees. When an employee quits, they usually give their notice and leave the workplace. What happens when they quit and stay? This employee may physically show up for work every day, but mentally they have already quit – they just didn’t tell anyone. This bad seed slowly erodes the morale of your other employees.

Developing Leaders Creates Happy Employees and Drives Productivity

Bad managers generally aren’t bad people; they just don’t have the necessary interpersonal and soft skills to lead and manage others. (Nor do they have the skills to recognize and deal with bad employees.) By developing supervisors and managers, we can positively affect your organization’s bottom line while improving you employees’ personal and professional lives.

The Law of Multiplicity

By improving the skills of just one supervisor or manager, we believe we can positively affect the lives of 28 people. We call it the law of multiplicity. It follows the same principle of “random acts of kindness” or “pay it forward” — when you improve one person it positively affects many people.

Let’s see how we positively affect the lives of 28 people:

  1. Training one supervisor positively affects the seven members of his team. (Our clients’ supervisors, on average have, seven people on their team.) By developing one supervisor’s core leadership skills, his team will have better attitudes, work harder, and be more pleasant to work with because their supervisor knows how to lead and manage, and is more pleasant to work for. (7 people)
  2. Every day the supervisor’s seven team members interact with at least one colleague from another department. These interactions are now more likely to be positive. There are now fourteen employees who have stronger more positive relationships and better attitudes because one supervisor improved their interpersonal and soft skills. (14 people)
  3. An employee’s work and personal life are not mutually exclusive. Instead of going home in a lousy mood and complaining about work, employees go home in a good mood, maybe even happy. They no longer bring negative energy from work into their personal lives. If each of these seven people goes home to two family members, there are now an additional 14 people that have better relationships and lives because the leadership skills of one supervisor have improved. (28 people)
  4. Seven Team Members + Seven Colleagues + Fourteen Family Members = 28 People Positively Affected from Developing the Skills of One Supervisor

The employees at Business Training Experts get excited about improving our client’s bottom line AND improving the lives of the employees who work there and their families.

Apply the Law of Multiplicity in Your Organization

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