Proprietary Burst Learning Model

The Leadership Journey for Supervisors and Managers is delivered in short learning bursts, rather than a one-time training event. Bite-sized courses are spaced out over time. Built around adult learning principles, this program uses five simple but extremely power steps:

Five essential steps in virtual supervisory training - Learn, Internalize, Apply, Follow-up, Repeat

Step 1 – Learn

Supervisors learn practical how-to skills from a short course. Each skill is explained step by step making it easy to understand.

Step 2 – Internalize

Supervisors discuss, practice, and connect skills to their own workplace situations.

Step 3 – Apply

On the job, using personal action plans, supervisors apply their new skills to workplace challenges.

Step 4 – Follow-up

Follow-up tools hold supervisors accountable for applying their action plans back on the job.

Step 5 – Repeat

The process is repeated every 2 to 4 weeks until all core leadership skills are developed.


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Supervisor Training Drives Long-Term Performance Improvements

Most training programs stop at Step 2, and this is why Harvard Business Review says 90% of leadership and supervisor training fails. Steps 3-5 are essential in driving behavior change and business results.

Using personal action plans, supervisors apply their new skills back on the job. Follow-up tools hold them accountable for doing so.

Repeating the process establishes a systematic approach to learning and development within your organization. After taking only a few courses there is a mindset shift in supervisors. They start thinking about improvement, not just in their role as a supervisor and leader, but in all aspects of their job.

When multiple supervisors experience this mindset shift, great things start to happen. As their teams pick up on it, everyone starts looking for ways to improve. A culture of continuous improvement develops as a result of the supervisor training.

  • Organizations experience higher productivity, faster growth, and fewer problems.
  • Employees become energetic and engaged.
  • ROI for supervisor training comes quickly.
  • Profits improve and the value of the organization grows.

Benefits of Our Supervisor Training Program

Light bulb representing practical how-to skillsPractical Skills

Relevant and useful skills can be immediately applied in the workplace.

Stopwatch representing short bite-sized coursesShort Courses

Bite-sized courses get “right to the point” so supervisors are back to work quickly.

Checklist representing personal action plans available for every courseSkills Get Used On the Job

Personal action plans make it easy to apply skills to real workplace challenges.

Check mark representing turnkey supervisor trainingFollow-up Tools

Follow-up tools hold students accountable for applying new skills in the workplace.

Arrow in target representing skills supervisors learnBuilt for Adult Learners

Supervisors learn and internalize through discussion, practice, and application.

Graph showing positive resultsConcrete Results

Supervisors quickly learn to be effective leaders.

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