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Overcome the Challenges Associated with Rapid Growth

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Leadership Development for Organizations Experiencing Rapid Growth

When companies grow quickly, people often get promoted into supervisory and management roles before they have the necessary skills to lead a team. As new employees are hired, existing employees are promoted based on hire date, job experience, and technical know-how – not leadership potential.

The Significant Difference

New supervisors and managers don’t recognize that the skills that made them successful as a worker are significantly different than the skills that will make them a successful leader. They often know what they are supposed to do, but not “how to do it.”

We Teach the “How To Do It”

We offer a leadership training program for supervisors and managers focused on 10 core leadership skills they need to successfully manage others and lead their teams through rapid growth.

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Which Problems Have You Experienced During Times of Rapid Growth?

•  Poor communication
•  Conflict between employees, teams, and departments
•  Problems dealing with and adapting to change
•  Everyone is always scrambling and stressed out
•  Lack of teamwork and over-reliance on a few good people
•  Problems transitioning to the “boss” and delegating responsibility effectively
•  Lack of direction, feedback, and follow-up

Your Supervisors and Managers will Learn “Must-have” Leadership Skills

Here is a small sample of the “must-have” leadership skills your supervisors and managers will take away from our training:

•  The significant difference between an individual and a leadership role.
•  The importance of being prepared to make decisions and take action.
•  How to leverage hidden opportunities out of challenges.
•  How to follow-up and hold your employees accountable.
•  A simple five-step method for giving clear directions.

•  Low or no cost motivation strategies that energize even poor performers.
•  How to overcome communication challenges.
•  How to prepare yourself and your team for change.
•  How to give feedback without causing defensiveness.
•  Clear methods to earn the trust and respect of others.
•  How to address the gap between expected and actual performance.
•  Techniques for giving both positive and negative feedback.

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Learning these essential leadership skills should not be left to trial and error.


Learn to Thrive During Times of Rapid Growth

Teaching your supervisors and managers practical leadership skills will eliminate many of the problems created by rapid growth. Take a quick look now to learn how:

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