Promotions Are Based on Job and Technical Skills

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Are Your Promotions Based on Leadership Potential?

Team leaders, supervisors, and managers are often promoted based on their job and technical skills, not their leadership potential. They often don’t receive the formal, ongoing training on how to be a good manager and lead other people.

A 180 Degree Shift from an Individual Contributor Role

Supervisors and managers don’t recognize that the skills that made them successful as a worker are significantly different than the skills that will make them a successful leader. The day they were promoted their accountability changed 180 degrees; they are no longer evaluated on what they do personally, but on the success of their team.

How Can We Help?

We offer a leadership training program for team leaders, supervisors, and managers focused on 10 core leadership skills they need to learn to successfully lead their team. Your leaders will learn from short, bite-sized courses that teach practical leadership skills. Preview the leadership training program or try a course.

A Few of the Common Issues We Fix

  • Communication problems.
  • Problems managing peers.
  • Difficulty earning respect.
  • Inability to motivate their team.
  • Doing their old job, instead of their new one.
  • Rotten attitudes.
  • Lack of accountability.

Will this leadership training program improve the performance of your supervisors and managers?

We guarantee it will. Right now, you can play a course and evaluate the program.

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