First-Time Supervisor Training Courses

Top performing companies have productive employees who are engaged and effectively supervised. Providing training to future and new leaders of your organization is one of many important parts of your job. You still have to find time to do all the other things that you’re responsible for while simultaneously offering a training program for new supervisors and managers. You need an effective training solution that is turn-key and flexible making it easy for you, while at the same time is concise so your supervisors and managers spend very little time off the job.

At Business Training Experts, our job is to make all of that easy for you.


leadership-journey-logoWelcome to the new way of offering supervisory training

We provide a new approach to first-time supervisor training. Our online and classroom-based courses are based on a patent-pending learning model that has been proven to result in higher retention. Why is that important? Because supervisors and managers will actually remember and use what they’ve learned.

Who will benefit the most from these training courses?

  • First-time supervisors and managers with less than three years of experience
  • Employees that will soon be promoted to a leadership position within the company
  • Managers that have some experience, but never received any formal management training

Common Challenges for First-Time Supervisors

“Your supervisors need to have the right tools to do their job, if all they have is a hammer — everything will start to look like a nail.”
— Merge Gupta-Sunderji, author, international speaker, radio commentator, and one of six featured experts in The Leadership Journey

Many first-time supervisors are promoted from within the company based on their technical skills or job-related expertise. The problem is they often find themselves in a position where they need an entirely different skill set to effectively lead a team. Sometimes a new supervisor can find that it’s difficult to become “the boss” of their peers and friends. They know that as managers they need to motivate their team, delegate tasks, and manage priorities, but they don’t know how to do these things (yet).

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“Productivity went up 18%. Employee problems are down 90%”
  Gary Cameron
  Human Resource Director
  Mitchell Grocery Corporation

“With The Leadership Journey my team can offer engaging training in both office and manufacturing environments to everyone from the top on down.”
  Jennifer Schmidtbauer
  Director of Organizational Development
  Raven Industries

A Comprehensive Training Solution for New Supervisors

Turn-key & Flexible

We offer a training curriculum that prepares new managers for all the challenges that come with their new leadership role. Practical skills-based courses focus on 10 core competencies that every first-time supervisor and manager needs to be an effective leader. Our flexible program will fit your company’s needs and make your job of finding and offering training easy.

Concise 25-Minute Courses

Instead of cramming all this information into a one-time training event, we offer a series of bite-sized modules taken over time so supervisors can master one skill before learning the next. Modules can be self-paced, taken in groups, or blended for maximum flexibility.

Fast Setup

You can get a supervisory training program setup for your company today! No more waiting around for a seminar or a local class to become available. How would it feel to have “training” marked off your to-do list?

Immediate Application

Every course includes a personalized action plan at the end of the lesson so managers can immediately apply what they’ve learned back on the job. The benefits of our training courses start on the first day.


Here’s a small sample of the “must-have” leadership and management skills your new supervisors will take away from our courses:

  • Communicate effectively with everyone; executives, other supervisors, and workers
  • Actions that will establish authority and earn respect
  • Leadership skills to gain cooperation and get workers to buy-in
  • How to effectively resolve conflict
  • How to motivate others to be productive members of the team
  • How to deliver clear instructions that will be understood and carried out
  • Tools to effectively follow-up and hold employees accountable
  • How to avoid the most common supervisor and employee communication breakdowns
  • Proven techniques for handling difficult employees and resolving bad attitudes
  • Useful tips for going through the transition from worker to supervisor, overcoming obstacles that are common when managing friends or peers
  • Steps for becoming a take-charge manager and leader

Learning these essential management skills should not be left to trial and error.

“The results were very apparent, very quickly. My supervisors could use the information right away. A straight-forward approach that used layman’s terms was really appealing because my supervisors would understand the ideas presented.”
–Gary Cameron, Human Resources Director, Mitchell Corporation

The Importance of Learning Effective Communication Skills when Transitioning to Management

Moving into a supervisory role comes with many new challenges and responsibilities. Not the least of which is learning the communication skills that will help make this transition smooth and comfortable for everyone.

Our leadership courses give the new supervisor powerful strategies and techniques to build their level of confidence and take charge of their new role. Here’s just a sample of the communication skills we provide for specific situations:

  • How to manage the dynamics of changing relationships and relating to former peers who are now subordinates
  • Giving honest performance feedback without causing a worker to become defensive
  • How to give clear instructions to workers that result in action without any misunderstanding
  • Six specific ways to motivate younger employees and leverage their unique skills
  • Five strategies for leading more experienced employees and bringing out their best work
  • Motivating yourself: specific questions to ask yourself to stop negative thinking
  • How to be consistent in your words and actions to earn trust and respect
  • Three ways to respond and help a troubled employee
  • How to speak with an empathetic and respectful tone, yet still be direct and assertive
  • And many more strategies and tips for specific situations…

Frequently Asked Questions About Our First-Time Supervisory Training

What exactly does your program do?
We provide a series of courses that are specifically designed to train first-time supervisors on ten core leadership competencies that are necessary to be successful in their new role.

How does your program work?
Our training series is broken down into short, bite-sized courses covering practical leadership skills. The individual modules take only about 25 minutes to complete, so they can be scheduled to fit into the everyday workflow of new supervisors.

Why is this better than traditional management training?
Our teaching structure is based on a patent-pending learning model that has been proven to get better results and higher retention and application rates than traditional training seminars which are crammed into a single day. To put it simply, our training courses are more convenient and more effective at preparing the future leaders of your company for success.

What’s included in each course?

  • Delivery methods (E-learning, classroom, or blended learning) each contain:
  • Short pre-course assessment
  • Instructional video with note-taking guide
  • Post-lesson discussion questions
  • Group role-play & exercises
  • Quiz on covered material
  • KEY TAKEAWAY: Personalized action plan for applying new skills back on the job


Supervisors Master 10 Powerful Skills to Lead their Teams to High Performance

  1. Accountability & Responsibility
  2. Change Management
  3. Coaching & Mentoring
  4. Communication
  5. Conflict Resolution
  6. Empowerment
  7. Motivation & Attitude Improvement
  8. Professionalism (Confidence & Professionalism)
  9. Relationship Building
  10. Teamwork
Supervisors learn, discuss, and practice new skills – then apply them on the job with personalized action plans.

We serve organizations of all sizes and from all industries. A few you may recognize: