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We’ve helped over 1200 companies turn their supervisors and managers into high-performing leaders with The Leadership Journey™:

  • Using burst learning, short modules teach supervisors practical how-to skills that they can apply immediately to workplace challenges. 
  • Follow-up tools hold them accountable for applying their new skills on the job.

Supervisors and managers learn must-have skills for improving teamwork, engagement, and productivity!

worker moving a pallet of goods in distribution center

Mitchell Grocery Distribution Achieves a Whopping 18% Increase in Cases Packed Per Hour

As a result of Mitchell Distribution’s rapid growth, a new HR director was brought on to formalize the human resources department and set up the company’s first leadership training program.

With people getting promoted from within to supervisory roles based on performance and job skills but no formal management experience, there was a leadership skills gap.

Mitchell Distribution looked for a turnkey solution that could be used in-house. Their requirements included flexible delivery options to meet demanding schedules and a straightforward approach so supervisors could understand new skills. Training had to be easy to implement and manage.

Learn how Mitchell Distribution achieved phenomenal success with its first leadership development program. Highlights include an 18% jump in productivity, improved employee morale, and a 90% reduction in employee problems as a result of using The Leadership Journey™View case study highlights.

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delivery worker with warehouse dolly

Shamrock Foods Improves Supervision and Employee Engagement by Focusing on Learning and Applying Leadership Skills

At Shamrock Foods individual contributors were promoted to supervisors based on their operational skills, not leadership potential. Eventually the supervisors became managers. There was no formal leadership development plan in place for supervisors or managers.

The new HR Director was promoted from within, so he knew first-hand that developing a formal leadership development program would provide immediate benefits and quick ROI.

He planned to build a program in-house because nothing he could find focused on behavior change and application of skills, until he found The Leadership Journey™.

Learn how implementing The Leadership Journey™ drove better supervision throughout the organization, changed behaviors, drove engagement, and helped leaders become more genuine and authentic. View case study highlights.

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supervisors standing next to a propane truck

After Implementing Their First In-house Leadership Training Program, Eastern Propane & Oil’s Frontline Leaders Learn to Communicate, Coach, and Manage with Respect

Eastern Propane & Oil’s frontline supervisors had been placed in leadership positions without any type of formal training. They were very familiar with working in the field and doing the work, but not necessarily with leading their people.

Eastern needed their first-ever in-house leadership training program to develop critical leadership skills. Learn how they were able to quickly roll out a structured leadership training program across seven states and reach hundreds of staff—from frontline leaders to executives—with The Leadership Journey™.

Supervisors learned to lead, coach, communicate, and manage people with respect. The company developed a common leadership culture using consistent methods to help supervisors lead and manage their teams. View case study highlights.

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shrink sleeve labels

Brook + Whittle Achieves Exceptional Results Using an Evidence-based Approach for Their First Leadership Development Program

As a result of very rapid growth, many frontline leaders were promoted with no formal training or experience in supervising and managing others. The company was growing faster than new leaders could be trained.

Brook + Whittle needed to implement their first formal leadership development program quickly at eight plants in four states. Their goal was to develop a consistent approach to management with an off-the-shelf, turnkey program that had a proven track record of changing behavior.

Learn how they built a unified company and culture and achieved “exceptional results” like improved teamwork, communication, professionalism, and problem solving. You’ll also learn the three added benefits they never anticipated when they started The Leadership Journey™. View case study highlights.

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