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We turn supervisors and managers into high-performing leaders.


Business Training Experts publishes a leadership training program that organizations use to develop practical leadership skills—like communication, conflict resolution, and accountability—in their supervisors and managers.

Since 2002, we’ve helped over 1200 companies boost their bottom line by improving productivity, employee engagement, and teamwork.

Fulfilling Our Mission for Over 20 Years

The mission of Business Training Experts is to help grow our clients’ profits by maximizing the potential of their supervisors and managers.

Our work is guided by our founding principle of making a positive impact and bettering the personal and professional lives of our clients’ employees.

BTE's core mission and founding principle

We Build Better Bosses
By developing the leadership skills of just one supervisor or manager, we believe we can positively affect the lives of up to 28 people around them. This is the law of multiplicity in action, a concept similar to the principle of practicing random acts of kindness or paying it forward: when you improve the abilities of one person, it positively affects many others both at work and at home.

Relationships are strengthened and employees experience a renewed sense of commitment to their goals while enjoying their time in the workplace. Employees give more discretionary effort; they start thinking and acting like owners, and a culture of continuous improvement develops.

We’re able to produce successful results for our clients because Business Training Experts’ staff and strategic partners truly live the values inherent in our mission and guiding principle. Everyone working at and partnering with Business Training Experts love what they do, and most have been part of the team for over 15 years.

How do we accomplish our mission? Through our one-of-a-kind training program, The Leadership Journey™.

Quote: Supervisors and managers are held accountable for applying practical skills to solve real workplace challenges.

Accountability for Applying Practical Skills in the Workplace

Employees are frequently promoted into supervisory positions because of their technical skills—not their leadership potential. Too often, they step into leadership roles without the background or experience needed to effectively manage and lead their teams.

Without proper training in leadership skills, like communication, conflict resolution, and accountability, supervisors and managers can cause real damage to teamwork, morale, and productivity. Business Training Experts was founded because of the negative impact of one poor leader. Learn about our founder’s journey.

A five-step burst learning model - Learn, Internalize, Apply, Follow-up, Repeat

Based on the science of adult learning, Business Training Experts developed The Leadership Journey. This training program uses a proprietary burst learning model to improve 10 essential leadership skills, boosting productivity, eliminating people problems, and maximizing teamwork.

Many other training programs overwhelm participants with information and offer no opportunity to put it into practice.

The Leadership Journey is different.

  1. Using burst learning, short courses teach leaders practical how-to skills.
  2. Using personal action plans, they apply their new skills to real workplace challenges.
  3. Follow-up tools hold them accountable for applying their new skills on the job.

This turnkey program is customizable to your needs and environment—you decide when, where, and how your supervisors and managers will learn. It’s easy to use and takes very little time.

After participating in The Leadership Journey, your supervisors and managers will have the tools to drive organizational productivity, boost performance, and improve employee engagement.

“I love The Leadership Journey, and the team at Business Training Experts (BTE) is so easy to work with and helpful. I’d absolutely recommend BTE as a leadership development partner to other manufacturers and organizations.”

Lynn Fair, VP of HR, Brook + Whittle (View their case study.)

Experience Measurable Results

The Leadership Journey turns supervisors and managers into high-performing leaders that drive productivity with inspired and engaged teams.

After only a few courses, supervisors consistently achieve results like:

  • Improved communication, accountability, and problem-solving skills.
  • Decreased time and effort in solving problems and conflicts.
  • Improved professionalism, resourcefulness, confidence, and better attitudes.

When teams experience these positive changes in leadership, they put forth more discretionary effort because they become more invested in their work. A culture of continuous improvement develops.

  • Productivity soars, teamwork improves, and people problems decline.
  • Growth occurs quickly, and goals are exceeded.
  • Employees are energized and engaged.

Our step-by-step approach drives repeatable and predictable results for your organization:

  • Increased productivity.
  • Fewer accidents and improved safety.
  • More satisfied, engaged, and productive employees and reduced turnover.

View our case studies to learn how our clients achieved concrete results like a 10% reduction in turnover, an 18% increase in productivity, a 90% reduction in employee problems, and a 15% increase in team engagement.

“The results we achieved with The Leadership Journey: Productivity went up 18%, employee problems decreased 90%, and employee morale improved across all departments.”

Gary Cameron, Human Resources Director, Mitchell Corporation (View their case study.)

Subject Matter Experts Are the Best of the Best

To make The Leadership Journey an exceptional training program, Business Training Experts chose world-renowned authors, professional speakers, and trainers for our courses. We evaluate and handpick only the best of the best for each leadership competency.

In the latest version of The Leadership Journey, we evaluated over 750 authors, professional speakers, and trainers and selected fewer than 1% to participate in the program. An elite six became our featured subject matter experts.

Expert Communicators Who Keep Students Engaged

Our featured subject matter experts are not only specialists in the skills they teach, but they also have the unique ability to communicate ideas in short, bite-sized segments. Leveraging our burst learning model, they can condense 2–3 hours of instruction into a 15-minute course.

Expert Storytellers, Not Lecturers

Our featured subject matter experts are dynamic speakers who teach practical skills in a step-by-step manner that can immediately be applied to the workplace. They are not lecturers offering statistics and theory with no real-world application.

Content Experts, Not Social Media Personalities

Our subject matter experts are skilled at using real-life stories from personal experiences to communicate practical skills. They aren’t social media personalities or actors. They focus on educating while also being entertaining.

Collectively, they have authored over 27 books for top publishers, and they typically earn tens of thousands of dollars for a few hours of their expertise. They regularly appear in publications like Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, HR Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and Workforce Magazine. And they’re featured in programs on ABC, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and NPR.

Their knowledge and communication skills, combined with our burst learning model, create an engaging learning process that guarantees results. See for yourself, and try a course from The Leadership Journey.


The Leadership Journey is exactly what I dreamt of building myself. The way your experts talk about the competencies, and most importantly, the way the program gets people to apply their new skills. That’s the game changer.”

Jim Kramer, VP of People Operations, Shamrock Foods Company  (View their case study.)

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Group of client logos using The Leadership Journey.

Group of client logos using The Leadership Journey.