Supervisors are held accountable for applying practical how-to skills to workplace challenges.

Supervisors and Managers Develop 10 Core Leadership Skills

  1. Accountability & Taking Ownership
  2. Change Management
  3. Coaching & Mentorship
  4. Communication
  5. Conflict Resolution
  6. Empowerment
  7. Motivation & Attitude Improvement
  8. Professionalism
  9. Relationship Building
  10. Teamwork

 Short, Concise

Bite-sized courses get “right to the point” so students are never overwhelmed with information and return to work quickly.

 Practical, How-to

Participants learn useful skills that can be immediately applied to real workplace challenges.

E-Learning, Virtual, Classroom, or Blended

It’s quick and easy. You decide when, where, and how your supervisors and managers will learn.

Achieve Lasting Behavior Change

This customizable turnkey program is delivered in short learning bursts rather than as a one-time training event. Our burst learning model uses five simple but extremely powerful steps:

Essential Steps in Burst Learning - Learn, Internalize, Apply, Follow-up, Repeat

Step 1 – Learn

Supervisors learn practical how-to skills from a short course. Each skill is explained step by step, making it easy to understand.

Step 2 – Internalize

Supervisors discuss, practice, and connect skills to their own workplace situations.

Step 3 – Apply

On the job, supervisors use personal action plans to apply their new skills to solve workplace challenges.

Step 4 – Follow-up

Follow-up tools hold supervisors accountable for applying their action plans back on the job.

Step 5 – Repeat

The process is repeated every two to four weeks until all core leadership skills are developed.

Our burst learning model is based on 20+ years of learning research and neuroscience. It follows core adult learning principles that drive behavior change, skill transfer, and retention.

Watch a four-minute overview.

A turnkey program customizable to your needs and environment.
It’s easy to use and takes very little time.

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How We Help Companies

Supervisors and managers are often promoted based on their job and technical skills, not leadership potential. If they aren’t properly trained on how to lead and manage their teams, morale, teamwork, and productivity can be damaged.

Develop Communication, Leadership, and Soft Skills

Companies often experience problems because supervisors need to improve skills like communication, conflict resolution, and accountability. Technical workers may have issues managing peers. Supervisors may struggle with making the transition from buddy to boss. Great employees, unfortunately, often become mediocre leaders.

Improve Existing Training for Supervisors and Managers

Companies often discover their old training programs no longer meet their current needs. Seminars, workshops, or classes at the community college often overwhelm supervisors with too much information. Many of these offerings are more motivational than educational.

Prepare Frontline Leaders

Companies may have excellent leadership programs for high-level leaders, but there’s no space or the content isn’t applicable for frontline leaders. They want a cost-effective solution to easily develop their frontline leaders.

Train Many Leaders Quickly

Companies need to improve skills quickly and often simultaneously at many sites. Leaders may be at multiple geographically dispersed locations. Many sites are running 24/7. Others may have a primary location where some employees work on site and the remaining workforce works remotely.

Improve Employee Engagement

Organizations understand the correlation between high-performing managers and high employee engagement. They understand a leading factor in turnover is the employee’s immediate supervisor.

Reduce Turnover

Turnover rates and their associated expenses are too high. Companies understand a leading factor in turnover is an employee’s manager. By developing leadership skills in managers, they improve employee engagement and reduce turnover.

Manage the Pains of Rapid Growth

Whether hiring or acquiring, the headcount is growing exponentially for many companies. Usually, employees are promoted quickly because of their hire date or technical competencies for the job they’re in—often before they are ready. Managers and employees experience rapid change on a daily basis.

Start a New Leadership Development Program

Companies that understand their employees are an asset take a proactive approach. They believe in and develop their supervisors and managers. As a result, their employees give more discretionary effort and maximize productivity for their leaders.

Short, Bite-sized Courses Taught by World-renowned Subject Matter Experts

We evaluated over 750 of the world’s top authors, speakers, and trainers, handpicking six to be featured subject matter experts.

Scott Mastley Dr. Jarik Conrad Richard Hadden Merge Gupta-Sunderji Michael Duke Dr. Terry Paulson

They have authored over 27 books and are regularly featured on global news outlets and in trade publications. They have the unique ability to communicate ideas in short, bite-sized segments.

Trusted by More Than 1200 Companies

We serve companies of ALL SIZES from EVERY INDUSTRY. A few you may recognize:

Group of client logos using The Leadership Journey.

Group of client logos using The Leadership Journey.

Results Your Company Can Expect and Measure

Supervisors and managers consistently achieve results like:

  • Improved communication, accountability, and conflict resolution skills.
  • Decreased time and effort in solving problems.
  • Improved professionalism, resourcefulness, and better attitudes.

Their teams benefit from these positive changes; they become inspired and engaged. They give 110% every day and a culture of continuous improvement develops:

  • Productivity soars, teamwork improves, and people problems decrease.
  • Growth happens quickly, and goals are exceeded.
  • Employees are energetic and engaged.

These changes result in bottom-line improvements. A recent client increased productivity by 18%, improved morale, and decreased time-wasting employee problems by 90%.

Turn Supervisors into High-performing Leaders

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