Develop High-Performing Team Leaders

Build Accountability and Trust with Positive Confrontations

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Improve the Performance of your Team Leaders and Their Teams

Team leaders are usually promoted into their leadership role because of their job and technical skills, but rarely do they receive formal training on how to lead and manage others. They often get “stuck” in their old role as a worker, rather than focusing on their new role as team leader.

We provide a leadership development program for team leaders that teaches them the necessary skills to transform from an individual contributor to a team leader who will drive team performance.

What do the Leaders of High-Performing Teams do Differently?

They participate in The Leadership Journey, a leadership development program for team leaders focused on 10 core skills they need to successfully manage their team.

Short, bite-sized courses teach practical “how-to” skills that can be applied immediately in the workplace.

With our burst learning model, team leaders learn, associate, and practice new skills. Then, they apply them on the job with personalized action plans.

Team Leaders Learn Practical Skills, Like How To

  • Communicate Effectively
  • Prevent and Manage Conflict
  • Deal with Difficult Employees
  • Make Smart Decisions
  • Boost Team Productivity
  • Improve Attitudes
  • Build Trust and Respect
  • and many others…

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