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Leaders aren’t usually just supervising one other person—they’re leading teams. Those teams can range from a few to sometimes dozens of people, some in supervisory roles themselves. The more people they’re leading, the more complex and challenging their task becomes.

Most leaders have little to no training or experience in best practices to boost team performance through effective leadership. Team leader training can help, especially for those who are new to their roles.

High-performing leaders need to:

  • Skillfully communicate, empower, coach, and counsel their teams.
  • Effectively manage change and conflict.
  • Build relationships and support a culture that promotes productive teamwork.

Team leaders need the knowledge, skills, and practice to be effective. That’s where team leader training can come into play, laying the foundation for high-performing work teams.

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Improve the Performance of Your Team Leaders and Their Teams

When an employee is good at the job they do, they’re often identified as a candidate to move into a supervisory or leadership role.

Being good at doing a job doesn’t mean an employee is ready—or has the competencies or capabilities—to succeed in a management role. Technical skills don’t necessarily translate into team leader effectiveness.

Team leader training can help both new and experienced leaders better understand their role and the 10 essential skills they need to move from individual contributors to team leaders that can drive high performance and achieve company goals.

Light bulb representing practical how-to skillsImproved communication, accountability, and problem-solving skills.

Checklist representing personal action plans available for every courseImproved professionalism, resourcefulness, confidence, and better attitudes.

Stopwatch representing short bite-sized coursesDecreased time and effort in solving problems and conflicts.

Check mark representing turnkey supervisor trainingImproved teamwork and better communication and collaboration between departments.

Arrow in target representing skills supervisors learnIncreased employee engagement and morale with reduced turnover.

Graph showing positive resultsIncreased productivity, growth, and profitability.

“The results we achieved with The Leadership Journey™: productivity went up 18%, employee problems decreased 90%, and employee morale improved across all departments.”

Gary Cameron, Human Resources Director, Mitchell Grocery Distribution (View their case study.)

What the Leaders of High-performing Teams Do Differently

The leaders of high-performing teams have specific skills that they’ve mastered that help them successfully manage both individual team members and the team as a whole.

They know how to communicate effectively, manage conflict, navigate change, provide effective feedback, hold team members accountable—and lead them to work together to achieve common goals.

These skills, of course, don’t just develop naturally. Without the proper training, there are many things that ineffective leaders do wrong that can damage your organization and challenge its ability to be successful.

The Leadership Journey teaches them how to get it right through practical leadership skills training.

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Team Leaders Learn Practical Skills

The Leadership Journey focuses on 10 core competencies that form the foundation for a practical, flexible approach to team leader development.

  • It’s a leadership development program for both new and seasoned leaders focused on proven skills to effectively lead and manage their teams.
  • Going beyond the typical one- or two-day training program, The Leadership Journey offers short, bite-sized modules focused on practical “how-to” skills that participants can immediately apply back on the job.
  • A proprietary burst learning model helps team leaders learn, practice, and develop new skills. Mastery is assured through personalized action plans that ensure skills get applied in the workplace.

Team leaders will learn practical skills like how to:

Communicate with Conviction and Confidence

Communication is a key competency and the foundation of any effective team leader training. Leaders must communicate with conviction and confidence to create trust, commitment, and engagement among their team members.

The Leadership Journey focuses on several aspects of effective communication, including:

  • How to give crystal-clear instructions that result in action without any misunderstanding. Participants learn a simple five-step method for giving clear directions.
  • How to give feedback without causing defensiveness. Leaders learn how to provide feedback that is clearly understood, preserves healthy working relationships, and sets the stage for openness, not defensiveness.  
  • How to use effective listening strategies. Communication is about listening as much as, if not more than, talking! Leaders will develop good listening habits that support empowerment, change, and team member initiative.  
  • How to give bad news with clarity and grace. Leaders will learn three steps to follow when giving bad news and one thing they must always do when having a difficult conversation.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Leadership Journey takes a deep dive into a number of core elements of effective communication to help team leaders develop the ability to communicate with conviction and confidence.

Hold Themselves and Others Accountable

Team leaders must hold themselves and team members accountable to achieve goals and generate results. 

This involves the ability to clearly convey expectations, establish means of monitoring and measuring expected versus actual results, and communicate effectively when behaviors or outcomes are unacceptable.

Performance cultures are built on strong accountability and clear, candid communication.

Supervisors and team leaders will learn key accountability skills:

  • How to create a culture of accountability and personal responsibility using a six-step accountability model.
  • How to clarify and clearly communicate your expectations.
  • Four follow up strategies to improve trust.
  • How to find time to hold followers accountable.

Motivate Themselves and Others

Leaders must have the ability to continually motivate themselves and others to take action and exhibit behavior that will produce results. 

Supervisors and team leaders will learn practical motivation techniques like:

  • The three necessary elements for motivating team members.
  • Motivation strategies to energize even poor performers.
  • Three obstacles to motivation.
  • How their leadership behavior affects motivation.

Improve Delegation to Get More Work Done through Others

When leaders move from individual contributor roles to supervisor or manager roles, they must stop doing and begin delegating. Most, though, haven’t been trained on effective delegation skills and often struggle with letting go. 

Effective delegation can significantly boost team productivity, performance, and results.

Modules in The Leadership Journey will teach your supervisors:

  • How to understand the difference between individual and leadership roles.
  • How to define team priorities.
  • How to use specific messages to tap into employees’ knowledge and strengths.
  • Why having high expectations of employees is a vital leadership skill.

Effectively Resolve Conflict

Conflict is a given in any team environment and not something to be avoided. Effective team leaders understand the role conflict plays in any organization and how to effectively manage conflict to maintain trust and open channels of communication in order to achieve desired results.

Some of the skills leaders will learn through their participation in The Leadership Journey include: 

  • How to manage emotions in heated conversations.
  • Essential skills for rebuilding difficult relationships. 
  • Eight steps to turn confrontation into receptive conversations.
  • Four essential messages for positively scripted feedback.
  • Follow-up strategies to ensure accountability and improve trust.
  • How to tell if they’re the problem. 

Achieve Excellence with High-performing Teams

High-performing teams are a must-have for organizations hoping to achieve results, grow, and continually improve. Team leader training helps team leaders build teamwork and winning teams to boost productivity. 

Supervisors and team leaders will learn these skills to build winning teams:

  • How to quickly get team members working together to achieve shared objectives.
  • How to identify and leverage the unique skills of each team member.
  • The five stages of team building.
  • How to overcome the four common team pitfalls.
  • How to overcome communication challenges within teams.

“This versatile curriculum addresses the relevant day-to-day leadership skills our supervisors must know to successfully build highly effective work teams.”

Jeff Baker,
Director of Operations,
Shade Tree Service Company

The Leadership Journey is an excellent training and team-building tool.”

Stacie Lautrup,
Vice President of Human Resources,
Benefit & Risk Management Services

“People are loving and energized by The Leadership Journey! They are always excited to take the next module.”

Lori Bruder,
Human Resources Manager,
Pentair Water

“The best part of the program is the follow-up piece. Business Training Experts showed me a playbook that I can have my team easily apply.”

Chad Hammerly,
Plant Director,
Ocean Spray Cranberries

“Having team members share experiences, concerns, and relevant applications generates great value and helps them transform into leaders.”

Steve Wilson,
Continuous Improvement Process Manager,
Integrated Power Services

Free Course Preview

Learn if this program is a good fit for your team leaders and supervisors.

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Build Your Better Leaders Today

The Leadership Journey LogoThe Leadership Journey isn’t an event. It’s a series of short, practical courses focused on helping team leaders and supervisors develop the core competencies that define effective leaders. 

This turnkey curriculum uses a “burst learning model” to facilitate learning. With group or self-paced delivery options, it is flexible enough to accommodate any company’s or team’s unique scheduling needs and practical enough to build skills through immediate application.

The Leadership Journey incorporates a unique method for ensuring accountability: personal action plans that are developed by team members, shared with their managers, and implemented following each course module to help practice and hone the skills learned.

This isn’t a program that generates ideas—it’s one that generates action and results.

Isn’t it time you invested in team leader training that can make a real difference? Try the course “Build Accountability and Trust with Positive Confrontations” by completing this short form today.  

You’ll get instant access that includes videos, facilitator and participant guides, personal action plans, discussion questions, and accountability tools.

“The program is a great investment that provided tremendous value. It was exactly what I was looking for.”

Jennifer Schmidtbauer, Director of Organizational Development, Raven Industries (View their case study.)

Clients We’ve Served with Our Team Leader Training

Developing leaders and supervisors is not new to us. Since 2002, we’ve served more than 1200 companies of all sizes from every industry. We’re sure you’ll recognize a few of their names!

Group of client logos using The Leadership Journey.

Group of client logos using The Leadership Journey.


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