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Unhealthy Conflict Is an Indication Something is Wrong

Healthy and unhealthy conflict in the workplace is common. Too much unhealthy conflict is often an indication that something is wrong. Conflict that is handled poorly or not addressed is damaging to your organization and its people. Your supervisors and managers, who have the most direct contact with your employees, must learn the skills to both prevent and effectively resolve conflict.

How Can We Help?

We offer a training program that provides practical strategies to resolve conflict in the workplace. The focus is not only on conflict resolution but on 10 essential leadership skills every supervisor and manager must know to change attitudes and behavior so future conflict is minimized. Preview the training curriculum or try a course.

“Must-have” Conflict Resolution Skills

A small sample of the “must-have” conflict resolution skills your supervisors and managers will learn:

• Eight steps to turn confrontations into receptive conversations.
• An effective technique to manage emotions before they get out of control.
• How to diffuse anger with a few powerful words.
• How to overcome communication challenges.
• How to tell if you are the problem.

• How to create two-way dialog during conflict.
• How to quickly get everyone working in unison to reach objectives.
• How to de-escalate heated situations and redirect them toward successful resolutions.
• An essential skill for rebuilding difficult relationships.
• To identify and control emotional triggers that can “set a person off.”
• Obstacles to resolution we unknowingly put in place.
• How to listen well during times of conflict.
• How to manage emotions in heated conversations.

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Your leaders need to have the skills to both RESOLVE and PREVENT conflict effectively. It is vital to your organization’s success.

Prevent and Resolve Conflict in the Workplace

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