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Does Your Organization Have High-Performing Teams?

When teams are not functioning properly, employee motivation decreases, conflict emerges, and communication challenges waste time — your organizations’ success is jeopardized. Teams that function properly solve conflict effectively, are innovative, communicate with clarity, and drive results and organizational profits. Which group do most of your work teams fit into?

The #1 Cause of Unproductive Teams

While working with thousands of clients over the past decade, we’ve found the number one cause of poor team performance is ineffective leadership skills among the people who lead the teams. All the other challenges faced by unproductive teams like miscommunication, interpersonal conflict, lack of accountability, missed deadlines, lack of direction, and thoughtlessness can be significantly reduced by having leaders who know how to manage and lead a team.

What do the Leaders of High-Performing Teams do Differently?

They participate in The Leadership Journey, a leadership development program for team leaders focused on 10 core skills they need to successfully manage their team. With this training program, team leaders will quickly transform their teams.

Your Team Leaders Will Learn to Lead at a Higher Level

•  Position the team for success.
•  Overcome the obstacles to team building.
•  Quickly get everyone working together toward a common purpose.
•  Leverage the unique skills of each team member.
•  Build accountability among team members.

•  Overcome communication challenges among team members.
•  Four common team pitfalls and how to overcome them.
•  Inspire team members to bring out their best.
•  Six characteristics of all high performing teams.
•  Propel your team to new performance levels.
•  Six specific steps to turn around difficult teams.
•  Five things leaders can do to get maximum effort from team members.
•  Five essential questions that enliven and empower teams.
•  How to define your team’s priorities.

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Build Winning Teams with Powerful Team Leaders

After participating in The Leadership Journey, we guarantee improvements from team leaders and their teams. Take a quick look now to learn how:

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