Management and Supervisor Training with The Leadership Journey [Video Overview]


Boost productivity and teamwork by enhancing communication, improving attitudes, and decreasing conflict.

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Video Transcript

Promoted From Within

Supervisors and managers are often promoted based on their job and technical skills, but that doesn’t mean they know how to lead and manage a team. Untrained and poorly trained supervisors can cause unhealthy conflict, bad attitudes, and poor communication. The damage to teamwork, productivity, and profitability can be costly.

Good management and leadership training provides supervisors the necessary skills and the confidence to practice them. But not all training is effective. Supervisors are frequently pulled off the job for hours at a time and flooded with information. Few training programs help supervisors apply what they learn to their workplace situations.

Learning Drives Behavior Change

So, how to choose the right kind of training? Effective training programs include three essential ingredients that drive behavior change.

First, effective training teaches practical skills that supervisors can immediately apply on the job. That’s why we created The Leadership Journey. It focuses on 10 critical leadership skills, including communication, accountability, and conflict resolution. Supervisors enjoy these courses because they learn relevant, real-world skills that make it easier for them to lead and manage.

Second, effective training presents information in “bite-sized” pieces. Short courses that get right to the point improve retention and get supervisors back to work quickly. Courses in The Leadership Journey can take as little as 30 minutes. Supervisors return to the job energized and ready to apply their new skills.

Third, effective training provides supervisors with time and tools to develop and apply what they learn before taking the next course.

The Leadership Journey accomplishes this with our proprietary burst learning model that we’ve fine-tuned over the past two decades. Built around adult learning principles, it uses five simple, but extremely power steps:

In Step 1 Supervisors learn practical how-to skills from a short course every 2 to 3 weeks. Each skill is explained step by step making it easy to understand.

In Step 2 Supervisors discuss, practice and associate skills to their own workplace situations. Most training programs stop here, and this is why Harvard Business Review states that 90% of leadership training fails.

Step 3 is where the magic happens, and it’s extremely important in driving behavior change and business results. In step 3 supervisors complete a personal action plan that addresses how they will apply their new skills to solve a real workplace challenge. They leave every training session with a written plan they will follow making it easy for them to apply what they learned back on the job.

This is the Key to The Leadership Journey’s amazing effectiveness. Supervisors and managers apply new skills to their own workplace challenges – driving real and lasting behavior change.

In step 4, follow-up tools hold students accountable for applying their action plans back on the job.

The fifth, and final step, is to repeat the process every 2 to 3 weeks until all core leadership skills are learned.

Supervisor Training Results

How well does our proprietary burst learning model work?

A client recently reported an impressive 18% increase in productivity, a 90% reduction in serious incidents that involved Human Resources, and improved employee morale across all departments. They attributed these improvements to The Leadership Journey.

The company’s president was so impressed they rolled it out to all 30 of their locations. They even presented their results to 400 of their customers at a national conference.

Our clients experience these types of measurable results because their supervisors and managers use their new skills to solve the job challenges they face every day.

Supervisor Training Delivery Methods

The Leadership Journey offers flexible learning packages that fit any organization’s unique needs.

The quickest and simplest method is our online e-learning package.

Companies that prefer the benefits of group interaction and discussion, where everyone learns from each other, often choose our classroom materials package.

Our blended learning package – combines the best of both worlds, offering the speed and convenience of online learning with group interaction.

The Leadership Journey adapts to your needs and environment – you decide when, where, and how everyone will learn. This in-house solution is turnkey, it has everything you need, saving you time and making it easy to provide professional training.

With The Leadership Journey your supervisors will learn practical skills and apply them to solve their workplace challenges as they come up.

Stop wasting time and money on training that doesn’t maximize results and drive long-term behavior change. Join the thousands of organizations that have transformed their supervisors and managers into high-performing leaders with The Leadership Journey.