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Build Accountability and Trust with Positive Confrontations

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Communication is Today’s Most Essential Workplace Skill

To maximize team and organizational performance your team leaders, supervisors, and managers must be high performing leaders who know how to communicate effectively. Without effective communication skills, they can’t do all the things they need to do, like hold people accountable, resolve conflict, motivate their team, assign responsibilities, and provide feedback.

Effective Communication Drives Team Performance

We offer a communications and leadership training program developed around Business Training Experts’ burst learning model. It is based on 10 core leadership skills with the foundation of each being effective communication.

Learn Proven, Practical, Techniques to Communicate Effectively like:

• How to give constructive negative feedback in a way that boosts morale.
• A simple five-step method for giving clear directions without any misunderstandings.
• How to develop good listening habits that support empowerment, change, and initiative.
• Follow-up strategies that ensure accountability and improve trust.
• How to ensure that employees take action – the first time they are asked.

• How to communicate more effectively and with authority.
• Five essential questions that can enliven and empower teams.
• A five-step approach to giving constructive negative feedback in a way that boosts morale.
• How to give bad news with clarity and grace
• Eight steps to turn confrontations into receptive conversations.
• The two most common reasons that leaders avoid difficult conversations.
• Techniques for giving both positive and negative feedback.

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Without a firm grasp of these essential communication skills, your organization and its people will never reach their full potential.

Develop Effective Communication Skills

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