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Improve Business Results with Customer Service Training

The Customer Service Road Map is a customer service training program designed for employees with frontline customer contact. (Face-to-face, telephone, email, chat, forums, etc.) Employees who participate will build stronger customer relationships, increase revenue with more repeat and referral business, and help develop a customer service culture in your organization.

Participants Learn 7 Essential Customer Service Skills

  1. A Winning Attitude
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Conflict Resolution
  4. Continuous Improvement
  5. Customer Loyalty
  6. Resourcefulness
  7. The Customer Experience

Short Training Courses Teach Practical Customer Service Skills

Using our patent-pending learning model, we developed a customer service training program that can be delivered in a variety of convenient formats. Bite-sized courses get right to the point, so participants are not overwhelmed with information, and are back to work quickly. They learn practical skills that can be immediately applied back on the job.

Courses are to the point, easy to understand, and based on real-life experiences.

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