Emerging Leader Program

Leverage Your Emerging Leaders Skills Today

Most organizations have emerging leaders who are promoted based on their job performance and technical skills, but rarely have they received formal training on how to lead and manage others. Business Training Experts offers a leadership development program that will turn your emerging leaders into high-performance leaders.

Accelerate Your Emerging Leaders’ Impact

The earlier you start developing your emerging leaders, the greater the impact they will have within your organization. Don’t wait until a position opens up; have your emerging leaders ready to hit the ground running.

Your Emerging Leaders will Develop these Essential Skills

  1. Accountability & Taking Ownership
  2. Change Management
  3. Coaching & Mentoring
  4. Communication
  5. Conflict Resolution
  6. Empowerment
  7. Motivation & Attitude Improvement
  8. Professionalism
  9. Relationship Building
  10. Teamwork

Burst Learning Model Guarantees Skill Retention and Workplace Application

With our burst learning model, your emerging leaders will learn, associate, and practice new skills. Then they apply them on the job with personalized action plans. Short and concise courses teach practical “how to” skills that can be used immediately in the workplace. A variety of convenient delivery formats are available, so training can be offered when and where it’s convenient.


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Start Early to Create Exponential Impact

The earlier you start developing your emerging leaders the greater the impact they will have on your organization. Don’t wait, have your new leaders ready to make an impact.

Growing Leaders From Within Saves Time and Money

It is less expensive and more efficient to develop and promote from within than to hire from the outside. When promoting from within you know an employee’s qualities, job skills, technical know-how, strengths, and weaknesses first hand. They know your processes, culture, clients, and organization. It is the perfect win-win as long as they can step into their leadership role with the necessary skills to be successful leaders.

Create a Pipeline of Future Leaders

We offer a variety of cost-effective training options so you can effectively develop all your emerging leaders with few resources. The best, brightest, and hardest working will quickly rise to the top and be easy to identify. Deciding who gets promoted can now be based on leadership potential as well as job skills, technical knowledge, past performance, and work ethic.

Key Benefits of our Emerging Leaders Training Program

Business Training Experts’ emerging leaders program develops the right leadership qualities, driving employee performance and organizational results.

  • Employees will see advancement opportunities which will boost employee engagement and productivity.
  • You will have a steady stream of internal candidates qualified for leadership roles.
  • When you show employees you care about them and their future, the morale of the entire workforce will improve.
  • You will create a culture of development and continuous improvement.
  • Your organization will be able to grow quickly and meet changing market demands.

Will this Emerging Leaders Training Fit Your Needs?

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