A Turnkey Training Program for Emerging Leaders

In many organizations, leaders are promoted from within. Employees who were adept at performing in individual contributor roles are often tapped to move into supervisory and managerial positions.

Unfortunately, many are not prepared for this transition. They don’t have the skills, training, or experience they need to effectively lead and manage their teams.

Emerging leader programs can help ensure that your newly promoted employees have the confidence and competencies they need to excel in their new roles.

Leverage Your Emerging Leaders’ Skills

Most organizations have emerging leaders who are promoted based on their job performance and technical skills but have rarely received formal training on how to lead and manage others.

Business Training Experts offers a leadership training program that will ensure that your newly promoted employees have the confidence and competencies they need to excel in their new roles.

Supervisors are usually promoted based on their job and technical skills rather than leadership potential. They often don’t receive formal, ongoing training on how to be a good manager and lead other people.

Accelerate Your Emerging Leaders’ Impact

When a new leadership position opens up in your organization, you want that new leader properly trained so they can hit the ground running in their new role.

In fact, as you identify employees with the potential to move into leadership roles, observing their performance during emerging leader training can help you gain confidence in their abilities and identify those most likely to succeed.

Even existing supervisors and managers can benefit from skills development that focuses on the specific skills and practical knowledge leaders need to manage and coach others. During group discussions, they can pass along insights they’ve learned through the years to new leaders.


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Your Emerging Leaders Will Develop These Essential Skills

When you take a proactive approach to developing your next generation of leaders, you’ll lay the foundation for them to seamlessly step into new leadership roles.

They’ll hit the ground running as they assume their new leadership duties, confident in the skills they’ve learned and their ability to apply these 10 core competencies on the job.

  1. Accountability
  2. Change Management
  3. Coaching
  4. Communication
  5. Conflict Resolution
  6. Empowerment
  7. Motivation & Attitude Improvement
  8. Professionalism
  9. Relationship Building
  10. Teamwork

Show Specific Skills for Each Competency

Our Training Will Help Your Leaders Gain Skills In:

1. Accountability and Taking Ownership

For your organization to perform at its best, your emerging leaders must be held accountable for their work and must know how to hold their followers accountable as well.

They will learn accountability skills and techniques like:

  • Why preparation and planning are critical for accountability.
  • A practical model to hold their employees accountable.
  • Three steps to take when followers don’t perform to expectations.

2. Change Management

While we cannot control when change will happen, prepared leaders and their teams to emerge from change better and stronger than those who are not.

They will learn change management skills and techniques like:

  • How to prepare for change.
  • How to respond to change with positive thinking and actions.
  • How to leverage the one change factor they can control.

3. Coaching

Managers must make the transition from employee to coaching leader. Great managers and supervisors know how to position themselves and their teams for ongoing success.

They will learn coaching skills and techniques like:

  • An easy-to-apply tool for coaching discussions.
  • Practical steps to overcome resistance when leading and coaching.
  • How to coach employees—even when employees have more years of experience than they do.

4. Communication

Without effective communication skills, new leaders will fail. In this program, they’ll learn the critical verbal and non-verbal skills they need to succeed, including written and listening skills.

They will learn key communication skills and techniques like:

  • The importance of tone, delivery, and body language.
  • What it takes to listen well and the five techniques for successful listening.
  • How to ask effective questions.

5. Conflict Resolution

Leaders need to know and understand that there is both good and bad conflict. They need to know how to shift seamlessly between the two.

They will learn skills and techniques like:

  • How to manage emotions in any situation.
  • Eight steps to turn confrontations into receptive conversations.
  • How to rebuild difficult relationships.

6. Empowerment

As emerging leaders move from individual contributor roles to new leadership roles, they need to shift their focus to managing rather than doing.

They will learn skills and techniques like:

  • A five-step model to provide clear and concise direction.
  • How to hold employees accountable.
  • How to ensure an employee takes action the first time they’re asked to do something.

7. Motivation & Attitude Improvement

Finding ways to summon more intentional and enthusiastic effort from employees is one of the best things leaders can do to improve organizational productivity.

They will learn skills and techniques like:

  • Three necessary elements to motivate any employee.
  • How to respond to adversity with positive thinking and positive actions.
  • The five things they can do to obtain maximum discretionary effort from employees.

8. Professionalism

Emerging leaders, more than others, are in the spotlight of their teams and executive leadership, so it is essential they learn to behave professionally.

They will learn skills and techniques like:

  • How to develop productive habits that improve effectiveness.
  • How to move out of their comfort zones.
  • How to be consistent in words and actions.

9. Relationship Building

The Leadership Journey™ participants will develop strong relationships with senior management, their teams, and with the leaders of other departments.

They will learn skills and techniques like:

  • How to be the type of leader people will listen to and follow.
  • Six characteristics most valued by followers.
  • How to earn the trust and respect of others.

10. Teamwork

This program will teach your supervisors and managers to achieve excellence through high-performing teams.

They will learn skills and techniques like:

  • How to overcome obstacles to team building.
  • How to leverage the unique skills of each team member.
  • How to overcome communication challenges.

Emerging leaders need to learn and hone all of these skills to achieve success in their new roles. These are the skills The Leadership Journey delivers through a powerful, flexible, and practical turnkey approach to management training.

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Key Benefits of Our Emerging Leaders Training Program

Business Training Experts’ emerging leaders program develops the right leadership qualities, driving employee performance and organizational results.

  • Employees will see advancement opportunities that will boost employee engagement and productivity.
  • You will have a steady stream of internal candidates qualified for leadership roles.
  • When you show employees you care about them and their future, the morale of the entire workforce will improve.
  • You will create a culture of development and continuous improvement.
  • Your organization will be able to grow quickly and meet changing market demands.

Take action today to lay the foundation for a strong bench of qualified leaders to fill emerging roles.


Effective Training for Emerging Leaders

Effective training for emerging, new, and even seasoned leaders focuses on:

  • Practical skill development,
  • Hands-on opportunities to apply those skills, and
  • Accountability and follow-up.

The Leadership Journey takes a practical, skills-based approach to learning, with bite-sized modules presenting information that can be readily applied.

Participants apply the new skills they’ve learned back on the job and then come back together to share experiences and best practices. Personal action plans ensure that they will be accountable to implement the new leadership skills they’ve learned.

Growing Leaders from Within Saves Time and Money

Promoting leaders from within:

  • Saves time and money, and
  • Drives employee engagement and loyalty.

Hiring leaders externally can be costly and risky.

When you promote from within, you know the competencies these new leaders have—their job skills, technical expertise, and strengths and weaknesses.

They, in turn, know your processes, culture, clients, and organization.

You can make an informed choice and be confident that your new leaders will have what it takes to excel.

Start Early to Create Exponential Impact

When you start developing your emerging leaders early, you position them for maximum success when leadership roles become open.

With the confidence and competencies, they need to succeed in a leadership role, they’ll have an immediate and positive impact on your organization and the employees they manage.

Don’t delay results by waiting to develop your high-potential employees. Prepare them now to step into new roles as they emerge.

Create a Pipeline of Future Leaders Ready to Step Up

Business Training Experts offers a variety of cost-effective training options to help you effectively position all of your emerging leaders to step into management roles.

Whether you prefer to develop your leaders in a group classroom setting, through self-paced online learning, or with a blended learning format combining the two, this customizable turnkey training program can help.

Your best, brightest, and hardest-working employees will quickly rise to the top and stand out as high-potential members of your leadership team.

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What Our Clients Are Saying about The Leadership Journey™

“When I think of the time I would have spent creating the materials and developing the handouts, I know we made a wise investment. The Leadership Journey is very good.”

Cindy Swope
VP/Director of Human Resources
The Farmers Bank

“With The Leadership Journey, productivity went up 18%, employee problems decreased 90%, and employee morale improved across all departments.”

Gary Cameron
Human Resources Director
Mitchell Grocery Distribution
View their case study.

The Leadership Journey exceeded our expectations. Since starting the program two years ago, we have retained every key player. In fact, half of our company chose to complete the program, not just our managers and supervisors.”

John Reynolds
Executive VP
The Dynamic Group

Since 2002, we’ve served more than 1200 companies of all sizes from every industry.

Group of client logos using The Leadership Journey.

Group of client logos using The Leadership Journey.


Emerging Leaders Hit the Ground Running

The Leadership Journey uses a proprietary burst learning model where participants will learn practical how-to skills from a series of short modules taken over time.

Personal action plans in each module ensure leaders are accountable for applying their new skills in the workplace.

Be proactive in developing your next generation of leaders. Your future leaders will move seamlessly into leadership roles, ready to make an immediate impact. Try a course today.

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