Online Leadership Training Program

30-Minute Modules Teach Practical How-to Skills

The Leadership Journey™ is a customizable and scalable online leadership training program for team leaders, supervisors, and managers that offers:

  • A series of short, 30-minute courses teaching practical how-to leadership skills.
  • Exposure to key concepts over time, rather than in one consolidated session.
  • The creation of personal action plans and follow-up to ensure accountability and skills application.

The Leadership Journey takes participants beyond a one-time training event to offer a series of 30-minute modules focused on developing 10 core leadership skills.

Leadership development is more important than ever as many companies are now operating in a remote or hybrid environment that few leaders have experience with.

In addition, given that many employees in supervisory or management roles were promoted to those roles because of their skills as individual contributors and not because of their expertise or experience in leading others, many organizations are facing a critical skills gap.

Online leadership training can be the perfect solution for both situations.

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Get instant access to a course on conflict resolution.


“The interactive features—I’ve never seen anything like The Leadership Journey. The competencies hit exactly what we wanted to reinforce, develop, and teach.”

Lynn Fair, Vice President of Human Resources, Brook + Whittle (View their case study.)

Now included: Reinforce online learning with virtual or face-to-face discussions.

Online Leadership Training Is Quick and Convenient

The Leadership Journey offers big benefits for both trainees and their organizations.

Because of the abbreviated format of the short modules, employees spend limited time away from their jobs with minimal impact on productivity and business operations.

The online format offers flexibility for today’s remote and hybrid workers—sessions can be done from anywhere, anytime. This is also beneficial in organizations where employees are working multiple shifts which makes it difficult to bring everyone together for a group training session.

This online training is flexible and self-paced, offering participants maximum autonomy to learn when it’s most convenient for them. Online courses can be delivered using our learning management system (LMS) or yours.

It’s easy to get started and easy to assign modules to employees—no matter how many leaders may need to be trained simultaneously.

The Leadership Journey is a strong, solid program that basically runs itself. Our leaders improved teamwork, communication, and are more efficient.”

Todd Weber, Executive Vice President of Tire Sales Operations, Bauer Built, Inc. (View their case study.)

Grow Your Business with Online Leadership Training

Online leadership training is a convenient and flexible way to improve leadership skills—and your organization.

The Leadership Journey helps organizations:

  • Drive better engagement and boost the employee experience.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Decrease turnover and hiring expenses.
  • Achieve more discretionary effort from employees.
  • Increase profitability.
  • Improve the reputation of your organization and strengthen your position as an employer of choice, making employees want to work for your company.
  • Recruit more talented employees.
  • Reduce HR problems. Participation in The Leadership Journey will help you improve safety while reducing accidents, insurance costs, EEOC and unemployment claims.

There are a host of benefits that both your organization and your employees will realize through The Leadership Journey—and not just employees going through the training! Other staff members will benefit as well from working with supervisors and managers trained in key leadership skills.

“The results we achieved with The Leadership Journey were apparent very quickly: productivity went up 18%, employee problems decreased 90%, and employee morale improved across all departments.”

Gary Cameron, Human Resource Director, Mitchell Grocery Corporation (View their case study.)

Free Online Course Preview

Get instant access to a course on conflict resolution.


Who Should Participate in This Training?

Soon-to-be, brand new, or seasoned supervisors and managers will benefit from The Leadership Journey, including:

  • Team leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • New supervisors and managers
  • Future leaders
Whether promoted yesterday or ten years ago, if your supervisors, managers, and senior leaders don’t have the necessary leadership skills to be effective, then they, their teams, and your company will suffer.

“With The Leadership Journey, we like that we can do it on our time schedule and include as many employees as we deem necessary.”

Brian Rhoads, Chief Operating Officer, Reno Refractories

Develop Essential Leadership Skills in Supervisors and Managers

The Leadership Journey consists of twelve 30-minute online training courses that develop 10 core leadership skills:

1. Accountability & Taking Ownership

Leaders will learn practical strategies for effectively holding themselves and others accountable.

2. Change Management

Participants will learn how to optimize team productivity, especially during times of change.

3. Coaching & Mentoring

Supervisors and managers achieve results through others. Your leaders will learn how to effectively coach and lead others and how to produce action-oriented results.

4. Communication

Communication drives action. The Leadership Journey participants will learn and practice effective verbal and written communication skills.

5. Conflict Resolution

Leaders will learn how to handle conflict productively and how to rebuild difficult relationships. A free conflict resolution course titled “Build Accountability and Trust with Positive Confrontations” is included in our free preview. Try it today.

6. Empowerment

The Leadership Journey offers a five-step model on giving clear direction and how to work through others to achieve desired goals.

7. Motivation & Attitude Improvement

Participants will learn motivation strategies, how to respond to adversity, and how to get maximum effort from followers—even poor performers.

8. Professionalism

Leaders will learn how to communicate using professional language, how to develop productive habits, and how to earn the trust and respect of others.

9. Relationship Building

The Leadership Journey covers the importance of candor and truthfulness, how to be consistent in words and actions, and how to build strong teams.

10. Teamwork

Participants in The Leadership Journey will learn the key characteristics of high-performing teams, how to build those teams, and how to overcome common team pitfalls.

These are the skills that will turn your supervisors and managers into high-performing leaders. Try a course on conflict resolution.

“Even with our diverse group (many who had previous leadership training and others with none), the overall information covered was pertinent to our entire group. I would definitely recommend The Leadership Journey.”

ML Hannay, VP Team & Leadership Development, Eastern Propane & Oil (View their case study.)

Free Online Course Preview

Get instant access to a conflict resolution course titled “Build Accountability and Trust with Positive Confrontations.”


Improved Performance from Leaders

Leadership skills can be learned, but often aren’t. Through The Leadership Journey online leadership training, your supervisors and managers will gain the competencies and confidence they need to:

  • Be more productive—they and their teams will give their best effort every day.
  • Feel more energetic and passionate about the work that they do.
  • Have a better attitude—they’ll be more engaged and satisfied with their jobs.
  • Cope in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment.
  • Improve interpersonal communication with employees, colleagues, and between departments.
  • Minimize conflict and break down silos.

After participating in this online leadership training, your current and future leaders will know your company cares about them and their future.

By investing in your leaders, you’ll position them to move along a career path that will engage and energize them. They’ll also put forth more effort and remain loyal to your company.

“100% of participants would recommend the program to other First United supervisors and managers, so they are finding great value in this learning experience.”

Ricca Paris, Assistant Vice President, Organizational Development, First United Bank (View their case study.)

Participants Learn and Apply Practical Skills to Workplace Challenges

After most online leadership training courses, 90% of participants walk away from the course and never apply what they learned. That doesn’t happen with The Leadership Journey.

The Leadership Journey uses a proprietary burst learning model with a focus on practical application. Leaders learn relevant how-to skills they can immediately apply in the workplace and are held accountable for doing so.

Rather than overwhelm participants with too much information, The Leadership Journey offers bite-sized modules that are spaced out over time. This gives leaders the time to develop and apply each new skill set before learning the next.

Built around adult learning principles, The Leadership Journey uses five simple but extremely powerful steps:

A five-step burst learning model - Learn, Internalize, Apply, Follow-up, Repeat

Step 1 – Learn

Managers learn practical how-to skills from short courses that get right to the point. Each skill is explained step by step, making them easy to understand. Content is specific, timely, and appropriate for supervisors and managers.

Step 2 – Internalize

Participants associate skills with their own workplace situations. Through a series of open-ended questions, leaders learn how their new skills can be used on the job with their teams.

Step 3 – Apply

The immediate application of new skills learned is what sets The Leadership Journey apart from other online leadership training programs. Leaders create personal action plans that make it easy for them to apply their new skills to their workplace challenges.

Step 4 – Follow-up

Follow-up tools hold participants accountable for applying their action plans on the job. Follow-up can take place online or in person through one-on-one meetings with the manager’s leader, training buddy, or mentor.

Step 5 – Repeat

This powerful process is repeated every two to four weeks for each of the core leadership skills. The time between courses gives managers an opportunity to apply their new skills. A turnkey roadmap drives repeatable and predictable results that lead to cycles of continuous improvement.

“Too many times employees attend training and are hit with a fire hose of information. They are so overwhelmed that no real change is realized. The Leadership Journey is one subject at a time, so our leaders have time to apply what is learned. Follow-up reinforces new skills.”

Barry Crandall, Human Resources Manager, Richland Industries

Free Online Course Preview

Get instant access to a conflict resolution course titled “Build Accountability and Trust with Positive Confrontations.”


The Leadership Journey is Different (and Better)—Here’s Why

Leaders Apply What They Learn to Workplace Challenges

The Leadership Journey’s online courses include printed, personalized action plans, making it easy for leaders to apply new skills on the job.

Participants walk away from each course with a personal action plan noting the specific steps they’ll take to apply their new skills to a workplace challenge. They’ll be held accountable for doing so.

Reinforce Online Learning with Optional Group Discussions

If you prefer a blended learning approach, we include group-based discussion guides and practice exercises.

Supervisors and managers can reinforce the skills they learned during self-paced online learning. Each online course includes group-based materials.

With blended learning, participants further develop their skills through their interactions and discussions with others.

Quick and Easy Follow-up Methods Hold Leaders Accountable

The curriculum is designed from the ground up to be used in individual or group settings, online, or as a blended approach.

Regardless of how you choose to develop your leaders, they all receive the same content, the same instruction, and the same opportunity for application.

Training administrators can review electronic reports to track e-learning progress and participation.

Subject Matter Experts Are the Best of the Best

Your current and future leaders will benefit from the real-world insights of recognized business and leadership experts with a wide range of subject matter expertise and more than 27 business books to their credit.

These sought-after trainers have been featured in top media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, HR Magazine, Forbes, and Training Magazine. Their expertise and communication skills, combined with our proprietary burst learning model, create engaging learning that guarantees results.

The Leadership Journey Is a Complete Turnkey Curriculum

The Leadership Journey is a complete training curriculum of twelve courses, so you only need to find, research, and evaluate training once.

We supply all the materials and ensure continuity between courses and topics. You have complete flexibility in how, when, and where you offer training.

“I chose The Leadership Journey because of the blended learning approach, leveraging e-learning to help minimize the time our managers were away from their job. The program provided an opportunity for follow-up through action plan development.”

Pete Champagne, Director of Leader Development, ANSER

Trusted by More than 1200 Companies

We serve companies of ALL SIZES and EVERY INDUSTRY. A few you may recognize:

Group of client logos using The Leadership Journey.

Group of client logos using The Leadership Journey.

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Act now to gain access to a proven turnkey leadership training program that can position your leaders for success.


Turn Leaders into High-performers Using a Proven Online Model

The Leadership Journey online leadership training offers the flexibility and functionality you need to ensure your supervisors and managers have access to the practical information they need—when they need it.

Gain access to a powerful curriculum designed to drive real results. Your leaders will benefit from:

Light bulb representing practical how-to skills

Practical Skills

Leaders learn 10 core leadership skills required for high performance that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

Stopwatch representing short bite-sized courses

Short, Bite-sized Courses

Short, 30-minute courses maintain the attention of leaders and provide a singular focus on specific skills.

Checklist representing personal action plans available for every course

Workplace Application of New Skills

Using personal action plans, participants apply practical and proven leadership skills to solve workplace challenges.

Check mark representing turnkey supervisor training

Follow-up Tools

Follow-up tools ensure accountability and provide the foundation for shared discussion and best practices.

Arrow in target representing skills supervisors learn

Flexible Delivery and Reinforcement

Use our learning management system or yours. Group materials are included to reinforce new skills with discussion and practice.

Graph showing positive results

Concrete Results

Your organization will benefit from measurable results. Shared experiences and a common language among leaders help to spread a culture of continuous improvement.


“The program is a great investment that provided tremendous value. Participant feedback has been very good. In fact, The Leadership Journey has provided a model that we can use for our internally developed learning.”

Jennifer Schmidtbauer, Director of Organizational Development, Raven Industries (View their case study.)

90% of Leaders Never Apply What They Learn Online

The Leadership Journey’s online courses include printed, personalized action plans, making it easy for participants to apply new skills in the workplace.


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