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Poor teamwork and inferior performance are often a result of ineffective leadership skills among your team leaders, supervisors, and managers. They derail teams causing low morale, interpersonal conflict, lack of clarity, ineffective follow-up, and poor communication.

Bring Out the Best in Teams

With our leadership development program, your leaders will quickly get their teams working in unison to reach team and organizational objectives by learning 10 key team leader skill sets.

Participants Boost Team Productivity by Learning Skills like

• How to propel your team to new performance levels.
• Six specific steps to turn around difficult teams.
• How to quickly get everyone working together toward a common purpose.
• How to build accountability among team members.
• How to leverage the unique skills of each team member.

• How to overcome communication challenges among team members.
• Four common team pitfalls and how to overcome them.
• How to inspire team members to bring out their best.
• Five essential questions that enliven and empower teams.
• Five things leaders can do to get maximum effort from team members.
• How to define your team’s priorities.
• Six characteristics of all high performing teams.
• How to overcome the obstacles to team building.
• How to position your team for success.

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What do the leaders of high-performing teams do differently?

They develop practical leadership skills like communication, accountability, and conflict resolution. Take a quick look at this training that will transform teamwork in your organization.

Build Winning Teams