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Who has Time to Attend a Seminar?

In the late 1990s, Business Training Experts’ founder was working for an international training company that offered full and half-day seminars. His clients frequently requested in-house training. Schedules were tightening and businesses needed to accomplish more with fewer resources. People could no longer afford to spend the time away from their jobs, for even half a day.

Research Proves How Adults Learn Best

Around the same time his clients started asking for in-house training; research was published showing that adults learn best in short increments over time, with only two or three key points being taught. Additional studies found that people attending a seminar or class lose focus in less than 2 hours and retain less than 10% after 30 days.

Business Training Experts is Founded

Armed with client research and the latest studies, Business Training Experts was launched in 2002 to provide turnkey, in-house training solutions that are easy to use and implement, and minimize participants’ time off the job.

Short Courses Teach Practical Skills

Today, Business Training Experts has expanded. We still offer the same short and concise training courses that teach practical skills, but our offering has grown to include a wider range of topics that improve the skills of employees and management. With our burst learning model, we have embraced technology to maximize adult learning and to offer a consistent learning experience, regardless of the delivery platform. Our focus remains the same — to improve our clients’ bottom lines by maximizing employee potential.

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