Login Instructions

Getting Started: Usernames and Passwords

  1. Each participant accessing training courses has a unique username.
  2. Your username is your email address.
  3. Your password is: changeme
  4. Your username and password are lowercase.
  5. During your first login, you will be asked to change your password.

Logging In and Viewing Courses

  1. Courses are designed to be completed in one sitting (approximately 30 minutes). If you can’t finish a course in one sitting, click the “Save & Next” button and close the course and browser window. When you return, the course will have saved your work and will ask if you want to start from the beginning or where you left off.
  2. You must allow pop-ups from our website. If you need help, talk to your IT department or check your web browser’s help page.
  3. Go to: https://lms.businesstrainingexperts.com/login/index.php
  4. To log in, enter your username and password.
  5. If this is your first time logging in, you will be asked to change your password. After you change your password, go to your dashboard by clicking “Dashboard.”
  6. If you have previously logged in, you will be directed to your dashboard.
  7. Select the curriculum’s title link to access courses.

Trouble Logging In?

  1. If you have trouble logging in, follow the steps on this page.

Lost Password or Forgotten Username

  1. If you forget your password or username, click the “Lost Password or Username?” link in the “Log in” block on the home page.
  2. Follow the instructions to obtain a new password or your username.
  3. Resetting your password can only be completed through the link.
  4. If you do not receive the email for your new password within three minutes, please check your spam or junk email folders. (The email is sent immediately upon your request.) If it is not in your spam folder, talk to your network administrator and ask them to whitelist @businesstrainingexperts.com, then try again.

Edit Your Profile: Changing Your Name, Email, and Settings

  1. Scroll over your name in the menu bar.
  2. Click your name in the drop-down menu.
  3. In the “User Details” block click “Edit Profile.”
  4. Make the changes.
  5. Click the “Update Profile” button.

Viewing Your Progress

  1. You can review your scores for each course.
  2. Go to a curriculum you are enrolled in.
  3. Click the “Grades” link located within the navigation.

Course Completion and the Final Exam

  1. You must score 80% or higher on a quiz to pass a course.
  2. You can retake a quiz to ensure you score 80% or higher.
  3. After you complete all courses with a score of 80% or higher, if a final exam is available, a link for the final exam will appear after the last course.
  4. You must score 70% or higher on the final exam to earn a certificate of completion.