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Inviting Students to Participate in Training

It is very important that you properly invite students to participate in training. Click the button below to learn more about inviting students and to view example invites.
Inviting Students

E-learning Enrollment Form

Make a list of your students who will be enrolling in e-learning on the Enrollment Form spreadsheet. You should download and save the form to your computer. When finished adding your students, email the completed form to your Training Consultant.
Download the Enrollment Form

Student Login Instructions

If your students are taking e-learning courses, click the button below to view the student login instructions. Email your students a link to the login instructions. (If one of your students does not have an email address, provide them these instructions instead.)
Student Login Instructions

Management Reports in the LMS

If your students are taking e-learning courses, you can check their progress. Report access is usually reserved for management or administrators. While completing your Enrollment Form, you will have noted which people should have received report access. Email these people a link to the instructions to access reports in the LMS.
Management Reports

The Leadership Journey Personal Action Plan Follow-up Template

Use the personal action plan follow-up template as a convenient place for managers to record the details of their follow-up with The Leadership Journey participants. The template is in Excel format.
Download the Follow-up Template

Accessing Videos and Printing Support Materials

Support materials and streaming videos are available in our learning management system (LMS). Click the button below for login instructions.
Access Support Materials & Videos

Facilitating Classroom Training Sessions

Many of our clients using The Leadership Journey in a classroom or blended approach offer group training sessions that are facilitated by the students themselves. Facilitator’s Guides for each course contain a step-by-step script that covers every detail that any novice can follow. Our patent-pending learning model is designed so it is easy for students to lead classroom training sessions. You can read more about this opportunity and its benefits by clicking the button below.
Facilitating Classroom Training

Certificate of Achievement Templates

This page will provide you a few options for printing certificates of achievement.
Certificate Templates

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Contact the Training Consultant who has been helping you, or click the button below to request that we contact you.
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