Costs Related to Employee Turnover

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The following costs related to employee turnover should be considered when planning your organization’s retention strategy.

  • Loss of productivity
  • Cost of overtime or temporary help
  • Lost efficiency, including the interaction and institutional knowledge
  • Lower morale of co-workers
  • Recruiting costs (advertising cost, time, management of websites)
  • Search firm fees (often equivalent to 30 per cent of new hire’s first-year salary)
  • Screening of applicants
  • Interviewing time
  • Hiring costs like testing, background checks, drug screens
  • Relocation expenditures, temporary housing
  • Sign-on bonuses
  • Time spent onboarding
  • Training
  • Assimilation into the work team
  • Lower productivity during learning period—for both the new individual and those providing the training
  • Loss of other employees
  • Lost customers
  • Lost contracts or business

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