Seven Fast Facts about Supervisor Training in Manufacturing Organizations

Fast Fact #1

Two separate studies, one by Wayland Baptist University, the second by The University of North Texas, found that manufacturing firms that implement solid leadership training programs average a 21% increase in productivity.

Fast Fact #2

An MPI (Manufacturing Performance Institute) study of 1,000 manufacturing companies found that the median revenue per employee went up $31,000 when an effective supervisory leadership training program was part of their culture.

Fast Fact #3

An AON Consulting study found that turnover decreased from 6% to just 2% in manufacturing plants, with training being the biggest single influence on a person’s decision to stay.

Fast Fact #4

For Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma or new technologies to be successful the workforce must be engaged. This requires effective frontline leadership that The Leadership Journey builds in your supervisors and managers.

Fast Fact #5

An ASTD (American Society for Training and Development) study found companies offering comprehensive training enjoyed a 24% higher profit margin than those with less comprehensive training.

Fast Fact #6

According to The National Center for Vocational Education Research, companies see a return on investment from 30% to 7,000% on every training dollar spent.

Fast Fact #7

Companies investing in training have a higher income per employee, of up to 218% according to ASTD.

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