Seven Fast Facts about Supervisor Training in Manufacturing Organizations

Fast Fact #1

Two separate studies, one by Wayland Baptist University and the second by the University of North Texas, found that manufacturing firms that implement solid leadership training programs average a 21% increase in productivity.

Fast Fact #2

An MPI (Manufacturing Performance Institute) study of 1,000 manufacturing companies found that the median revenue per employee went up $31,000 when an effective supervisory leadership training program was part of their culture.

Fast Fact #3

An AON Consulting study found that turnover decreased from 6% to just 2% in manufacturing plants, with training being the biggest single influence on a person’s decision to stay.

Fast Fact #4

For lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, or new technologies to be successful, the workforce must be engaged. This requires effective frontline leadership that The Leadership Journey™ builds in your supervisors and managers.

Fast Fact #5

An ASTD (American Society for Training and Development) study found companies offering comprehensive training enjoyed a 24% higher profit margin than those with less comprehensive training.

Fast Fact #6

According to the National Center for Vocational Education Research, companies see a return on investment of 30% to 7,000% on every training dollar spent.

Fast Fact #7

Companies investing in training have a higher income per employee, up to 218% according to ATD.

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