Giving Crystal-Clear Instructions That Result in Action Without Any Misunderstanding (Group Learning: Virtual and Classroom)

Courses Include a Short Video & Support Materials

Learning is more than watching a video!  Support materials include discussion questions, personal action plans, interactive exercises, quizzes, role-plays, and note-taking guides.  Print one now and follow along with the video.

Giving Crystal-Clear Instructions That Result in Action Without Any Misunderstanding

Have you ever given an employee what you thought was a crystal-clear instruction only to discover later on that they didn’t quite get it? In this course you will learn:

  • A simple five-step method for giving clear directions.
  • How to ensure your employees take action – the first time you ask.
  • Why two-way dialog is critical in achieving a successful outcome.
  • One powerful way to confirm understanding, even with your most challenging employees.

Support Materials for Every Coursefacilitator-guideV3-P2

Support materials are included for every course. Hint: The Facilitators Guide has the answers!

  • Participant Guide:  Open
  • Facilitators Guide:  Open
  • Follow-up Guide:  Open