Giving Crystal-Clear Instructions That Result in Action Without Any Misunderstanding (E-Learning Version)

Save Time and Money with Interactive E-learning

Engaging e-learning courses teach practical skills in short, bite-sized chunks. Save time by quickly rolling out a complete development program to a few, or a few thousand, students in minutes.

Get the Most from Your Preview

  • Step One: Open the course. It will open in a new window.
  • Step Two: Print the note-taking guide when asked to do so.  Complete it during the course.
  • Step Three: Complete the exercises and answer the questions as your students would.

Optional Group Study Materials Complement E-learning


If you are planning group sessions to support and reinforce e-learning, review these support guides.

  • Participant Guide:  Open
  • Facilitators Guide:  Open
  • Follow-up Guide:  Open