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Supervisor Training Program

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The Leadership Journey is a supervisor training program for team leaders, supervisors, and managers.

  • Instead of a one-time training event, we offer a series of short, practical courses focused on developing 10 core supervisory skills.
  • Implementation methods include e-learning, virtual, classroom, or a blended approach. You choose the options that meet your needs.

Each course includes a personal action plan making it easy for supervisors to apply what they learn to their real workplace challenges.

Supervisors Develop 10 Core Leadership Skills

Supervisors learn practical skills, then apply them on the job to solve real workplace challenges.

  1. Accountability & Taking Ownership
  2. Change Management
  3. Coaching & Mentoring
  4. Communication
  5. Conflict Resolution
  6. Empowerment
  7. Motivation & Attitude Improvement
  8. Professionalism
  9. Relationship Building
  10. Teamwork

Teamwork thrives, productivity improves, and problems are virtually eliminated when the right behaviors change.


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Supervisor Training is Delivered using a Burst Learning Model

This supervisor training is delivered in short learning bursts, rather than a one-time training event. Bite-sized courses are spaced out over time. Built around adult learning principles, The Leadership Journey uses five simple, but extremely power steps:

A five-step burst learning model - Learn, Internalize, Apply, Follow-up, Repeat

Step 1 – Learn

Supervisors learn practical how-to skills from a short course. Each skill is explained step by step making it easy to understand.

Step 2 – Internalize

Supervisors discuss, practice, and connect skills to their own workplace situations.

Step 3 – Apply

On the job, using personal action plans, supervisors apply their new skills to workplace challenges.

Step 4 – Follow-up

Follow-up tools hold supervisors accountable for applying their action plans back on the job.

Step 5 – Repeat

The process is repeated every 2 to 4 weeks until all core leadership skills are developed.


Supervisor Training Drives Long-Term Performance Improvements

Most training programs stop at Step 2, and this is why Harvard Business Review says 90% of leadership and supervisor training fails. Steps 3-5 are essential in driving behavior change and business results.

Using personal action plans, supervisors apply their new skills back on the job. Follow-up tools hold them accountable for doing so.

Repeating the process establishes a systematic approach to learning and development within your organization. After taking only a few courses there is a mindset shift in supervisors. They start thinking about improvement, not just in their role as a supervisor and leader, but in all aspects of their job.

When multiple supervisors experience this mindset shift, great things start to happen. As their teams pick up on it, everyone starts looking for ways to improve. A culture of continuous improvement develops as a result of the supervisor training.

  • Organizations experience higher productivity, faster growth, and fewer problems.
  • Employees become energetic and engaged.
  • ROI for supervisor training comes quickly.
  • Profits improve and the value of the organization grows.

Who is the Audience for this Supervisor Training Program?

Supervisors and managers are often promoted based on their job and technical skills, not leadership potential. These first-line leaders often don’t know how to lead and manage their teams.

Photos of participants in this supervisor training program

This supervisor training program is for new and experienced:

  • Team Leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Future Leads, Supervisors, and Managers

When you improve the skills of your supervisors, you also drive the performance of your organization. Supervisors learn new skills like how to communicate effectively, how to motivate and hold their team accountable, and how to resolve conflict. Problems that require your time are greatly reduced. Your organization becomes the fine-tuned machine.

Benefits of Our Supervisor Training Program

Light bulb representing practical how-to skillsPractical Skills

Relevant and useful skills can be immediately applied in the workplace.

Stopwatch representing short bite-sized coursesShort Courses

Bite-sized courses get “right to the point” so supervisors are back to work quickly.

Checklist representing personal action plans available for every courseSkills Get Used On the Job

Personal action plans make it easy to apply skills to real workplace challenges.

Check mark representing turnkey supervisor trainingFollow-up Tools

Follow-up tools hold students accountable for applying new skills in the workplace.

Arrow in target representing skills supervisors learnBuilt for Adult Learners

Supervisors learn and internalize through discussion, practice, and application.

Graph showing positive resultsConcrete Results

Supervisors quickly learn to be effective leaders.

Free Course Preview

Get instant access to a course on conflict resolution.
Try videos, discussion guides, action plans, and more.


Supervisor Training Implementation is Quick & Easy

The Leadership Journey for Supervisors and Managers is available in a variety of implementation formats to meet your current and future needs.

E-learning implementation for this supervisor training program E-Learning

Any device, any time.
20-30 minutes

Virtual delivery of this supervisor trainingVirtual

Zoom and webinars.
30 or 60 minutes

Classroom delivery of this supervisor training program Classroom

30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes

Blended learning for this supervisor training program Blended Learning

A combination of methods.
30, 60, or 90 minutes

This supervisor training program is designed from the ground up to be delivered in a variety of formats. Your supervisors and managers will receive a consistent message regardless of when, where, or how they participate.

Our clients typically choose one or more implementation methods depending on their needs. You can always switch and add delivery formats as your needs change.

7 Active Learning Components + Follow-up

Based on the science of adult learning, The Leadership Journey takes an evidence-based approach to supervisor training. Each course contains 7 active learning components plus follow-up:

Five essential steps in supervisor training - Learn, Internalize, Apply, Follow-up, Repeat

  1. Pre-Assessment: Supervisors focus attention and activate prior knowledge.
  2. Video with Note-Taking Guide: Short, 12-minute videos are to the point and engaging. Supervisors take an active role by filling out a note-taking guide with the practical steps they need to apply skills on the job.
  3. Post-Questions: Open-ended questions direct supervisors’ answers to real workplace challenges.
  4. Group Discussion: Supervisors share ideas and past experiences learning from each other as well as the course material.
  5. Skill Practice: Supervisors work together to practice new skills using their own workplace examples.
  6. Quiz: Measure comprehension and track progress.
  7. Personal Action Plan: Supervisors make a plan to apply their new skills to solve one of their own workplace challenges.
  8. Follow-up: Supervisors are held accountable for applying their action plans back on the job.

90% of Supervisors Never Apply What They Learn from Supervisor Training

There is a problem with many live and online supervisor training programs – Supervisors walk away from the training session and never use their new skills. Most programs don’t provide tangible materials for supervisors to use back on the job.

Virtual and online supervisor training programs take place in the digital world. Supervisors need tangible materials that they can take back to the real world to help them remember and apply their new skills in the workplace.

Every course in our supervisor training program includes printed, personalized action plans. They make it easy for supervisors to apply new skills to their workplace challenges. There is also a printed participant guide that supervisors often put into a 3-ring binder. They refer back to these hard-copies throughout their careers whenever they want to revisit key skills.

Supervisors Complete Personal Action Plans

Each course in The Leadership Journey for Supervisors and Managers has a personal action plan making it easy for supervisors to apply their new skills to workplace challenges.

During training, supervisors associate what they are learning to their real-life situations. They figure out how their new skills can be applied back on the job. They complete a personal action plan outlining the exact steps they will take to solve a workplace challenge. It’s a step-by-step process with deadlines, goals, and word-tracks. It has everything they need to change workplace behavior.

Because this supervisor training uses a burst learning model, supervisors have time to apply their personal action plans back on the job before they start the next course.

Follow-up Tools Hold Supervisors Accountable for Applying New Skills

Supervisors in stand-up follow-up meeting

To develop positive habits and improve productivity over time, supervisors should be held accountable for applying what they learn during supervisor training.

  • When they start training, supervisors should know that they will be held accountable for applying what they learn back on the job.
  • Our supervisor training includes follow-up tools and processes built into the curriculum. They adapt to your needs and are easy to implement.
  • Supervisors can be held accountable for applying new skills using technology or people, or a combination of the two.

There are varying degrees of follow-up. You can choose an option that meets your company’s culture and time constraints.

Free Course Preview

Get instant access to a course on conflict resolution.
Try videos, discussion guides, action plans, and more.


Supervisor Training Teaches Supervisors Practical How-to Skills

With The Leadership Journey supervisors and managers learn practical, how-to skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

Virtual, classroom, e-learning, and blended courses teach straightforward, common-sense skills that can easily put into practice. Content gets right to the point without a lot of fluff and theory.

Supervisors’ time is too valuable learning theoretical skills that they may never use. Supervisors are encouraged to share real-workplace experiences, raise questions, and explore solutions as they apply to their individual situations.

When supervisors learn theory or concepts that are not relevant, your company is wasting its money and your supervisor’s time. Supervisors will be bored, unmotivated, and lose interest in their development.

When supervisors learn useful and relevant skills, they become engaged in learning. It is easier for them to lead and manage their team. They are excited to apply new skills on the job to improve their team and organization.

Supervisor Training Courses are Short and Concise

Supervisors learn practical skills from short, bite-sized courses. Instead of cramming a lot of information into a one-time training event, a series of bite-sized courses are taken over time. This allows supervisors to master one skill before learning the next. Courses can be self-paced, taken in groups, or blended for maximum flexibility.

Short Courses:

  • Get right to the point, improving retention.
  • Get supervisors back to work quickly.
  • Keep supervisors engaged.
  • Never overwhelm supervisors with too much information.
  • Make it easy to apply new skills to solve workplace challenges.

Courses in The Leadership Journey are part of a larger supervisor training program that follows a burst learning model. Depending on the active learning components you choose to use, courses can range from 20 minutes to two hours.

Training sessions that last over 2 hours overwhelm supervisors with too much information. Supervisors have a hard time choosing which skills they should apply to their workplace challenges. Ebbinghaus’s Forgetting Curve states that supervisors will forget 90% of what they learned in 30 days.

Soft skills courses that last under 20 minutes often don’t convey complete ideas. The integrity of learning is compromised. Supervisors are left wondering “what next?” and “how do I use this?” Supervisors haven’t learned enough to apply a skill in a step-by-step manner.

What Our Clients are Saying about our Supervisor Training

Photo of Director of Organizational Development who uses this supervisor training

The Leadership Journey helped me accomplish my goals much faster than if I had to build training myself. Courses contain practical, real-life situations that can be delivered quickly.”

Jennifer Schimdtbauer, Director of Organizational Development, Raven Industries

Photo of Executive Vice President who uses this supervisor training program

The Leadership Journey helped grow our people and solidify our leaders of the future. We are able to manage in-house around our schedule. This supervisor training exceeded our expectations.”

John Reynolds, Executive Vice President, The Dynamic Group

Photo of Human Resources and Leadership Development Manager who uses supervisor training

“Business Training Experts did all the legwork allowing us to customize the program to meet our goals. The tools and personal action plans made it easy for students to follow-up and do their tasks.”

Terrie Stewart, Human Resources & Leadership Development Manager, Micro Electronics, Inc.


Tools and Software to Deliver Supervisor Training

We provide the supervisor training curriculum and materials that you can use for supervisor training.

  • For online learning, we can provide SCORM or AICC courses if you prefer to use your learning management system.  We also have a learning management system that is included. (Discussion guides are included if you want to reinforce e-learning with discussion.)
  • With our curriculum, you can use any virtual meeting software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Adobe Connect for virtual learning.
  • For group learning, we provide facilitator, participant, and follow-up guides.  All 7 active learning components are included.

Clients We’ve Served with Our Supervisor Training

Supervisor training isn’t something new to us. Since 2002 we’ve served over 1000 companies of all sizes from every industry. A few you may recognize:

Logos of a few clients who have used this supervisor training program

Logos of a few clients who have used this supervisor training program

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