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Build Accountability and Trust with Positive Confrontations

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Create a Culture of Accountability & Personal Responsibility

To create a culture of accountability and personal responsibility, your supervisors and managers must know how to hold their employees accountable. Supervisors and managers have the most direct hands-on contact with employees who produce products, achieve goals, and serve clients. When these leaders learn to effectively maximize their team’s performance, they will drive positive growth to your organization’s bottom line.

Improve Team and Personal Accountability

Accountability is one of 10 key leadership skills that our training curriculum develops in your supervisors and managers. Click here to see the full list of skills or try a course.

Learn Key Accountability Skills like:

• How to use a six-step accountability model.
• How to find time to hold employees accountable.
• A simple five-step method for giving clear directions.
• How to address the gap between expected and actual performance.
• How to build accountability within teams.

• How to ensure that employees take action – the first time they are asked.
• Follow-up strategies that ensure accountability and improve trust.
• How clear expectations make it easier to manage employee behavior.
• Two accountability traps to avoid with followers.
• How to clarify and clearly communicate expectations.

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Build Accountability and Trust with Positive Confrontations

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