Leadership Development for High Potentials

Cultivate Your High-Potential Employees

Your high potentials have the job and technical skills, work ethic, and intelligence to be your organization’s future leaders. They know your organization’s processes, departments, and people, but do they know how to successfully lead and manage others? After they are promoted, do they have the necessary leadership skills to hit the ground running? Promoting high potentials and expecting them to be effective leaders cannot be left to chance.

Develop Practical Leadership Skills in Your High Potentials

Business Training Experts offers a leadership development program for high-potential employees that will accelerate the impact they have in your organization. They will learn practical “how to” skills that they can use now, and when they advance into leadership positions. Essential skills like:

  1. Effective Communications
  2. Accountability, Professionalism, and Taking Ownership
  3. Conflict Resolution
  4. Teamwork
  5. Motivating Themselves and Others
  6. Coaching, Mentoring, and Empowering
  7. Dealing with Change

Guaranteed Results with Our Burst Learning Model

With our burst learning model, high potentials will learn, associate, and practice new skills. Then, they apply them on the job with personalized action plans. Courses are short and concise so they will spend very little time off the job. A variety of delivery formats like e-learning, classroom, and blended learning are available so training can be offered when and where it’s convenient.

Key Benefits of Developing Your High Potentials with Business Training Experts

  • You will have a testing ground for your high potentials. You’ll ensure you are picking the best-of-the-best for additional and more costly development opportunities.
  • Your high-potential employees will have mastered the essential leadership skills they will need to drive your organization’s productivity and profits.
  • Your organization will be able to grow quickly and meet changing market demands.
  • High-potential employees will stay with your organization longer because they see opportunity and a career path.
  • High potentials will have the confidence they need to lead.


Leverage Your High-Potentials’ Skills Today

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Create A Pipeline of High Potentials

Are you 100% confident that the high potentials you have picked out are your organization’s future leaders? We offer a variety of cost-effective training options so you can develop the skills of employees that may be on the fence, in addition to your chosen high-potentials. By using our high-potentials training program, the best, brightest, and hardest working will quickly rise to the top. It will be easy to identify your organization’s future leaders.

The Most Unlikely Candidates Will Become Your Future Leaders

You will be surprised at the employees who will step up when you set high expectations for them and provide them the opportunity to excel. We’ve heard many stories from our clients about the most unlikely employees stepping up into leadership positions after participating in our development program. Deciding who gets promoted can now be based on leadership potential in addition to job skills and technical know-how.

Is Mentoring Part of You High Potentials Program?

If you have a mentoring program for your high-potential employees, courses include follow-up mentoring guides that help facilitate discussions between mentors and mentees. This ensures their time together is productive, focused, and consistent between groups of mentors and mentees. Be sure to preview a follow-up guide while evaluating the program.

You Can’t Afford to Wait, Your High-Potential Employees Could Leave!

Are you thinking about waiting? You can’t afford to! High potential employees tend to know their potential and will move to another organization if they are not motivated, recognized, and challenged. Start developing them with our engaging and results-driven leadership development program. You will be able to leverage their skills for your organization; not your competitors.

Is There a Fit with Your High-Potentials?

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