Eleven Signs Your Organization Has Ineffective Leaders


Some organizations have high performing leaders who drive bottom-line results through their teams. Others have ineffective leaders who hurt morale, employee engagement, and bottom-line results. Often, organizations have a mix of high performing and ineffective leaders.

As you read through the two lists, think about your organization’s supervisors and managers. Where are their competency levels high?  What skills do they need to improve?

Qualities of Ineffective Leaders

  • Communication problems
  • Inability to make decisions
  • Poor performance
  • Lacking conflict resolution skills
  • Quick to blame instead of taking responsibility
  • Slow reaction to change
  • Lack of focus and attention to detail
  • Comfortable with the status quo
  • Forget about the customer
  • Accomplish work through themselves, not their team
  • Lack personal and team accountability

Qualities of High Performing Leaders

  • Communicate effectively and are great listeners
  • Achieve results through others
  • Always find a way to get the job done
  • They act and make decisions
  • They motivate, support, build, and inspire
  • Practice authenticity – they are real, not phony
  • They collaborate and are open to others’ ideas
  • They break the norm and seek opportunity
  • Admit faults -when they mess up, they speak up
  • Focus on the customer
  • Recognize and adapt to change with leadership, flexibility, and innovation
  • Practice personal and team accountability

Great leaders have an insatiable need to learn and continue improving themselves. They are often not the smartest person in the room, but they are always willing to learn how to get the job done.

Turn Your Ineffective Leaders into High Performing Leaders

We offer a leadership training program for supervisors and managers focused on 10 core leadership skills. Short, bite-sized courses teach practical “how-to” leadership skills that will turn your ineffective leaders into high performing leaders.

Develop High Performing Leaders


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