Why BTE? Learn From The Best Expert Trainers

Subject Matter Experts are the Best of the Best

At Business Training Experts, we choose world-renowned authors, professional speakers, and trainers to feature in our training programs. We evaluate and handpick only the best of the best for each competency.

We evaluated over 750 authors, professional speakers, and trainers and chose less than 1%. An elite 8 became our Featured Subject Matter Experts.

World-Renowned Experts

Our Featured Subject Matter Experts get paid tens of thousands of dollars to perform live presentations to organizations around the world. They have authored over 25 books and regularly appear in publications like The Wall Street Journal, HR Magazine, Forbes, and The Business Journals. They have been featured in global media like CNN, National Public Radio, CBC Radio, FOX News, ABC, and MSNBC.

Expert Story Tellers; Not Lecturers

Featured Subject Matter Experts are dynamic speakers who teach practical skills that can immediately be applied to the workplace. They are not lecturers offering statistics and theory with no real-world application, or actors following a script.

Expert Communicators Keep Students Engaged

Our Featured Subject Matter Experts are not only experts in the skills they teach, they also have the unique ability to communicate ideas in short, bite-sized segments. Their expertise and communication skills, combined with our burst learning model, create engaging learning that guarantees results.

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