Turnkey Training Solution with Business Training Experts


Turnkey Programs Save You Time

We offer turnkey training programs that will save you time and make your job of finding and offering training easy. Each curriculum covers practical skill sets that are timely and relevant to the issues your employees face on a daily basis.

Everything is Included

  • Facilitator and Participant Guides
  • Personal Action Plans for Workplace Application
  • Pre-assessment Questionnaires
  • Video Instruction with Note-Taking Guides
  • Discussion Guides
  • Role-play and Practice Exercises
  • Follow-up Guides (Hold students accountable for using skills.)
  • Delivery Formats like E-learning, Classroom, Blended, Webinars, and SCORM for your LMS

Competency Based Training Saves You Time

For each curriculum, we researched and included the essential competencies students need to know to maximize performance. Students follow a development plan that contains a series of short, concise courses that focus on key skills within each competency.

You no longer have to spend days evaluating and mapping courses to competencies. All the time consuming and hard work is done.

We Make it Easy for You to Start and Maintain Learning

With our competency based training, you don’t have to go back and research courses every time there is a problem or new training request. You can use our curricula and take a proactive approach developing the essential skills your people need to know. You set it up one time, and then let it run.

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