Cognitive and Functional Learning

Cognitive and Functional Learning Ensures Skills Get Applied in the Workplace

Every course follows the same burst learning model. Seven active learning components are presented in a unique way to maximize a combination of cognitive and functional learning. As students go through each course’s active learning components they progressively build upon their knowledge of each new skill.

7 Active Learning Components

Each Course Contains:

  1. Pre-Assessment
  2. Video & Note-Taking Guide
  3. Post-Discussion Questions
  4. Group Exercises
  5. Quiz
  6. Action Plan
  7. Follow-up
  • 1. Early on in each course, students use basic cognitive adult learning principles like auditory and visual learning.
  • 2. As students progress through a course more advanced cognitive learning methods like discussion, practice, and role-play are used.
  • 3. Near the end of each course, and back on the job, students participate in functional learning like task completion, skill application, and follow-up.


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