Why BTE? Effective Training, Concrete Results


Traditional Training Methods Fail to Produce Long-Term Results

Most people have been to a seminar or workshop. When they return to the workplace they are a changed person… at least for a few days!

  • Seminars and workshops pull students off the job for long periods, and often occur at inconvenient times and locations.
  • Colleges offering adult education usually offer long, lecture-based classes with too much theory and no practical application.
  • Lending libraries can be overwhelming and time-consuming with too many choices and no clear learning path.
  • Trainers and consultants are often a better option, but their training sessions usually last hours at a time. It just isn’t financially feasible for them to offer many short training sessions over a period of time. 

This is why, with traditional training methods, students retain less than 10% of what they learn after 30 days.

It’s no wonder many employees see training as a waste of time rather than an opportunity, and that management is hesitant to allow time and money for training. With our burst learning model, we guarantee skill transfer, engaged students, and concrete results.

Business Training Experts’ Learning Design Drives Results

When you use Business Training Experts’ turnkey curricula that follow our burst learning model, you will develop a focused, engaged, and capably led workforce that drives your organization’s bottom line. Results our clients have achieved:

  • Productivity up 18%
  • Profit Margin Improved 24%
  • Turnover Reduced 10%
  • Serious Incidents Requiring HR Time Down 90%
  • Employee Engagement up 21%
  • Customer Satisfaction up 19%
  • Sales to Existing Customers up 22%

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