Proprietary Burst Learning Model with Business Training Experts

Leadership Training Learning Model

A Research-Based Approach to Learning

Along with a team of adult-learning professionals, neuroscientists, and organizational psychologists, we took nearly two decades of training experience and customer feedback, and developed a new patent-pending learning model that guarantees skill transfer, engaged students, and concrete results.

Students learn, associate, and practice new skills. Then, they apply them on the job with personalized action plans, all before learning the next skill set.

Short, Concise Courses Teach Practical “How To” Skills

Courses get right to the point teaching practical “how-to” skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace. Students learn skills quickly so they spend very little time off the job.

Courses Contain Just the Right Amount of Information so Students Are Back to Work Quickly

Rather than offering a one-time training event where 90% of new skills are forgotten within 30 days we offer a series of short, bite-sized courses taken over time. Students master a few key skills before learning new ones. Courses contain just the right amount of information so students are not overwhelmed and can get back to work quickly.

Personal Action Plans Make it Easy for Students to Apply Skills in the Workplace

Learning does not stop after a student leaves the classroom or finishes an e-learning course. During each course, students complete a personal action plan — a written goal sheet with the steps students will take to apply new skills back on the job. Since courses are taken over a period of time, students have time to apply their new skills back on the job before learning skills from the next course.

When students use their personal action plans and apply new skills to the workplace, they get a taste of success and are excited to learn and apply new skills in subsequent courses.

Follow-up Tools Ensure Students Are Accountable for Using New Skills in the Workplace

Students have additional incentives to use their new skills on the job because they know they will be held accountable for doing so. With our patent-pending learning model, we provide you the follow-up tools that will drive behavior change from your students.

Students are Engaged and Want to Learn

Using Business Training Experts’ courses, students are excited and they want to learn. They come to training sessions motivated and actively participate in discussions. They are engaged and cannot wait to learn the next set of skills.

  • Students experience the benefits of learning practical and useful skills that they can use back on the job.
  • A “buzz” develops internally as students talk about their learning experience and management sees the positive impact training is having in the workplace.
One student participating creates positive change for your organization while many students participating creates dramatic results!

Performance Improves Over Time Instead of Tapering Off

With our patent-pending learning model, students develop a continuous improvement mindset that drives positive change and bottom-line performance. Since training is offered at regular intervals, momentum is created and skills continue to improve over time, instead of tapering off. Students develop positive habits and a performance-improvement mindset spreads across the workplace.

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