Are You Hurting Your Company When You Promote Employees to First Line Managers?

hurting-leadersAre Your First Line Managers Promoted for the Wrong Reasons?

First line managers (or whatever term your organization uses like; “first line supervisors” or “team leaders”) are promoted based on their hard skills, not soft skills. Hard skills make them a successful employee, a combination of hard and soft skills make them successful first line manager. If they don’t have the ability, desire, and opportunity to develop their soft skills, they will fail in their leadership position.

Why Were They Promoted?

First line managers are often promoted because of their job and technical skills. They were the best performer on their team, they did quality work, were professional, showed up on time, and got along with their peers and upper management. Eventually, they were promoted, and they are now a manager. Does that sound familiar?

Why Are There Problems with so Many First Time Managers?

After a promotion, many organizations do not provide formal and ongoing training on how to be a good supervisor and manage other people. New managers often don’t understand that the day they became a leader, their accountability changed 180 degrees. They are no longer evaluated on what they do personally, but on the success of the people reporting to them. They often know what they are supposed to do, but they don’t know how to do it.

We Teach the “How to Do It” to First Line Managers

We offer an in-house leadership training program for first line managers and supervisors. They will learn skills like how to communicate effectively, manage peers, and overcome conflict. We focus on 10 core competencies they need to successfully lead and manage others. Try a course now to see how they will improve.

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