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What is a First-Line Manager, Why Their Role is Critical, and How Can You Help Them Elevate Their Skills?

  First-line managers have a critical role in helping companies effectively meet organizational goals and objectives.  They are the individuals on the ground who have the strongest relationship with employees. They’re also the ones responsible for overseeing employees who get the work done.  Their role is a critical one. If they are not effective, they… Read more »


7 Essential Communication Skills Every Manager Must Master

Of all of the skills and competencies that supervisors and managers must have to be effective, communication skills are arguably the most critical. Communication skills apply to a broad range of managers’ responsibilities—from providing direction, to offering feedback, to coaching, counseling, disciplining, resolving conflicts, and more.  In today’s hybrid work environment where many managers are… Read more »


11 Vital Leadership Training Topics that Turn Managers and Supervisors into High-Performing Leaders that Boost Team Performance

We live in a world that is continually, and rapidly, changing, fueled by expanding global competition, new technology, emerging customer demands, and, most recently, a global pandemic.  Especially in the uncertain environment that has existed since the pandemic emerged, there are a wide range of leadership training topics that can help boost the effectiveness of… Read more »


Leadership Team Development — Boosting Results for Frontline to Executive Leaders

Supervisors and managers are often promoted based on their technical skills and job performance, not their leadership capabilities or potential.  If they’re not trained properly in both the hard and soft skills of effective leadership, they are likely to fail, bringing team member performance down with them and negatively impacting the company’s bottom line. Poor… Read more »


7 Essential Communication Skills for Thriving in Leadership

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Leadership is all about communication. Leaders are literally the conduit with and between people. They are responsible for working with and through their team members to accomplish tasks that will help the organization achieve its objectives.  In the process, they are also communicating with and facilitating communications between, team members and other departments, customers, vendors,… Read more »


The Most Effective Leadership Skills of Great Leaders and How to Develop Them

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Organizations of any type or size need to have effective leaders. Even individual contributors in small organizations need to exhibit strong leadership skills. As organizations grow, of course, leadership skills become increasingly important.  Leaders play a critical role in ensuring that their teams have the tools, resources, and support to get their jobs done and… Read more »


11 Signs of Ineffective Leadership in Your Organization and How to Fix Them

Most organizations have leaders. Unfortunately, many don’t have effective leaders. The vast majority of leaders aren’t trained to be leaders! Even those who may have pursued a business degree were likely overwhelmed by theory, not practical advice and opportunities for application.  Unfortunately, in many job settings, skilled individual contributors tend to be promoted into leadership… Read more »