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Span of Control: How Many Direct Reports Should a Manager Have and Why?

Managers and supervisors are responsible for overseeing employees. The employees they oversee are their direct reports. The greater the number of direct reports they have the broader their span of control becomes. Having more direct reports is not necessarily better.  When it comes to span of control there is a “sweet spot” that represents the… Read more »


5 Strategies to Develop Strong Leaders and Drive Higher Than Expected Team Performance

Companies that want to succeed in any industry, regardless of size, need to have effective leaders who can successfully coach and counsel their employees to be engaged and productive. They know this and yet many companies struggle to provide their current and emerging leaders with the training support they need. Not all leaders are created… Read more »


Characteristics of a Bad Leader That Can Harm Your Organization and What to Do About Them

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Bad leaders can damage even the best organization. But what makes a leader “bad”? In many cases, it’s simply a factor of great employees being promoted into leadership positions without the background or experience required to help them excel in those positions. That’s a common situation facing many organizations. Unfortunately, while it’s good to promote… Read more »