Common Problems Caused by Poor Leadership Skills and How to Fix Them

common-leadership-problemsHow do Leadership Problems Creep into Organizations?

Leaders are often promoted based their job and technical skills; not on their leadership potential. Supervisors and managers often don’t receive formal, ongoing training on how to be a good supervisor and lead others.

They don’t recognize that the skills that made them successful as a worker are the skills that will make them fail as a leader. The day they became a leader their accountability changed 180 degrees; they were no longer evaluated on what they do personally, but on the success of the people reporting to them.

If supervisors and managers don’t know what they are supposed to do AND how to do it, they will not perform to expectations.

What Common Problems Are Caused by Poor Leadership Skills?

A list of the most common problems your supervisors and managers experience when their leadership skills are lacking:

  • Communication Issues
  • Conflict
  • Difficult Employees
  • Resistance to Change
  • Low Employee Morale
  • Lack of Responsibility & No Initiative
  • Low Motivation
  • Problems Managing Peers
  • Rotten Attitudes
  • Poor Relationships

Ineffective Leaders Harm Your Bottom Line

When your supervisors and managers are ineffective leaders, they hurt your organization’s productivity and profits. Look at the financial impact it can cause:

  • Decreased Productivity
  • Reduced Profits
  • Turnover
  • Employees Quit But Don’t Leave
  • Increased Mistakes / Waste
  • Poor Safety / Increased Accidents
  • Poor Employee Engagement
  • Wasted Time and Opportunities
  • Departmental Conflict

How to Overcome Common Leadership Problems

We offer an in-house leadership development program for supervisors and managers that virtually eliminates the problems caused by poor leadership skills. Your supervisors and managers will learn 10 core leadership skills like communication, conflict resolution, and how to deal with difficult employees. See for yourself, learn more and try a course.

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Scott Ulberg, Founder and President, Business Training Experts

Author: Scott Ulberg, Founder and President, Business Training Experts

Scott Ulberg is a leadership training expert. He’s dedicated over 20 years to turning supervisors and managers into high-performing leaders that positively impact their teams and organizations. High-performing leaders manage happy and engaged employees who love their work and give 110% every day, driving productivity and company performance. Scott believes in developing practical how-to leadership skills through real-world application. The companies he works with experience significant improvements, such as an 18% increase in productivity, a 15% increase in team member engagement, and a 10% reduction in turnover.

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