Results Our Clients Experience


  • Improved customer loyalty, credibility, trust, and confidence
  • Increased revenue through repeat and referral business
  • Less price resistance
  • Improved positive word of mouth and online reviews
  • Enhanced image in the marketplace
  • Reduced employee turnover with happier employees
  • Stronger customer relationships

The Customer Service Road Map includes the typical “how to do it” but it goes deeper – teaching your employees and service reps how to think so they will do the right thing more naturally. They will learn to form connected, positive relationships with ANY customer.

How We Get Results


A Research and Evidence-Based Approach to Learning

Using a team of adult learning professionals, neuroscientists and organizational psychologists, we took a research and evidence-based approach to learning. We developed a new patent-pending learning model that guarantees your employees will build stronger customer relationships, increase sales, and improve your organization’s image.

Traditional Training Methods Fail – Students Forget 90% in 30 Days.

With many traditional customer service training methods like seminars, workshops, and community college classes, research has proven that students retain less than 10% of what they were taught after 30 days. With these traditional methods, training sessions are often too long so students become overwhelmed with too much information.


We have all experienced training sessions where we come back a changed person for a few days – and then it all goes away. We are overwhelmed with new information and we have no clear plan on how to use our new skills. New skills are quickly forgotten for old habits.

Regardless of how good a training program looks, if it is poorly designed, if students are overwhelmed with information, if they don’t have the tools and time to use new skills back on the job — it is bound to fail.


A New Patent-Pending Learning Model Drives Results

  1. Instead of a one-time training event, we’ve divided key competencies into short courses that are taken over a period of time.
  2. Courses teach practical “how-to” skills in a step-by-step format.
  3. Students learn, associate, and practice new skills – then apply them on the job with personalized action plans.
  4. Follow-up tools ensure students are accountable for using their new skills in the workplace.
  5. Learning at regular intervals, students have time between courses to master one skill set before learning skills from the next course.

We guarantee skill transfer, engaged students, and concrete results.

Our Guarantee

What Is Your Financial Impact?

Our clients’ average first-year ROI is 420%. ROI grows each additional year as participants continue to use their new skills and the service culture spreads across their organization.

After completing one or two courses, if you don’t think The Customer Service Road Map is going to create ROI of at least four times your investment, and if you haven’t seen immediate improvements, let us know within forty-five days after your purchase and we’ll provide a full refund.

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