How to Play Audio while Sharing a Video During a Zoom Meeting

For those of you licensed to use The Leadership Journey for Supervisors and Managers for group learning with Zoom, below you will find the steps to play audio and video while Zoom screen sharing. Contact your Implementation Specialist to confirm your license terms.

Sharing Your Computer’s Audio While Screen Sharing on Zoom

  1. Login to Business Training Experts’ learning management system (LMS).
  2. Go to the curriculum that you will use during your Zoom meeting.
  3. Click the course title that you be sharing with your licensed students. The video will open in a new window.
    Click the Linked Copy to Open a Course
  4. Open your Zoom meeting.
  5. Make sure you logged in as the host.
  6. Click the green “Share Screen” icon.
    Zoom's Green Share Screen Button
  7. In the pop up window select your screen, desktop, or application. (If you plan to share multiple resources during your training session, we suggest selecting “desktop.” You may want to share the video in one window and the participant guide in another.)
    1. Click the checkbox in the lower left that says “Share computer sound.”
    2. Click the blue “Share” button in the lower right.
      Zoom's share audio checkbox
  8. Go back to the video window.
  9. Play the video.
    Play a course video image.

Zoom support also has a help file titled sharing computer sound during screen sharing if you need additional assistance.


How to Confirm You are Sharing The Video’s Audio

If you are already sharing your screen and aren’t sure if you clicked the “share computer sound” checkbox in the lower left, follow these instructions.

  1. Hover over the Zoom controls so they are visible.
  2. If you are sharing your screen, you’ll see the “More” icon. Hover over it.
  3. Is there a checkmark in front of “Share computer sound” as in the image below? If so, you are sharing your computer sound.Look for the checkmark to confirm Zoom audio is shared.
  4. If the checkmark is not visible as in the image below, click the words “Share computer sound.”
    Click here to share computer sound
  5. Go back to the video window.
  6. Play the video.
    Play a course video image.


How To Stop Sharing Your Video and Audio in Zoom

  1. To stop sharing the video and audio, click the red “Stop Share” button.
    Click the read Stop Share button to stop sharing your audio and video.


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