Facilitating Classroom Training Sessions

The Power of Student Led Training

Facilitating courses from The Leadership Journey is easy, providing a model for learning to lead. In fact, over 44% of our clients alternate facilitators from the students participating in the program.

Our patent-pending learning model is designed so that students can lead classroom training sessions. Facilitator’s Guides for each course contain a step-by-step script that covers every detail that any novice can follow. When students take turns being the facilitator they learn how to run successful meetings, they improve their communication skills, and they gain confidence and experience in their leadership ability.

Do you have Professional Trainers on Staff?

Some of our clients have trainers and human resource professionals on staff who are skilled facilitators. They’re valuable assets to have, and can absolutely enhance and support the training process, but experienced facilitators are not necessary for our leadership training curricula.

More of our clients have training and human resources departments that are short staffed and pressed for time and money. After experiencing training courses using our patent-pending learning model, they quickly realize that their students can easily lead training sessions. This saves their time and money while building leadership confidence in their students.

Facilitator Training is NOT Required

With Business Training Experts’ leadership training programs, there is no need to spend time and waste money sending valuable personnel away to learn to lead complicated training sessions. Our training sessions have clear and easily understood objectives, and equally clear processes and exercises that are fully detailed in our written materials.

The clear advantages here are that: You are not dependent upon one or two employees who are certified to lead training, and the training process itself supports the goal of the training, to develop your leadership staff as leaders.

Course Materials Provide the Expertise

Each course includes interactive video instruction with world-renowned subject matter experts teaching valuable and practical skills. Facilitators manage the discussion, but they don’t need to be experts in the subject matter or even take the course ahead of time. The students, through guided dialogue, draw out the lessons together and support each other both in the learning process, and later as they integrate skills into the workplace.

Group Facilitators are Leading, NOT Lecturing

Facilitators are not standing in front of the group lecturing about new skills. Courses use an active, discussion-based learning model. Group sessions are interactive, with all students participating and sharing their knowledge and experiences. Group facilitators follow the agenda and manage the clock.

Facilitators Follow Step-by-Step Instructions

Every course has a detailed Facilitator’s Guide with step-by-step instructions on how to lead a group. Experience is not necessary, the facilitator is not a trainer – they simply manage the agenda and material. View a Facilitator’s Guide.

Holding Your First Classroom Session

We recommend that, where possible, the first course in the curriculum be led by someone in human resources or by a higher level manager, after which additional courses may be self-managed by students. The introduction of the curriculum by a recognized authority figure stresses the importance of the training. Students experience firsthand the commitment your organization is making to them and their development. They see the value of the training to your organization, and to their performance within it.

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