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Transitioning from Employee to New Manager

New managers are often promoted based on their job skills and technical know-how, not management potential. They need to understand how to make the change from an individual contributor to a respected manager who maximizes team performance. We offer a new manager training program that helps first-time managers understand and thrive in their new role.

Short Courses Teach Practical “How To” Skills

Short, bite-sized courses teach practical “how to” skills that new managers can use immediately in the workplace. A variety of convenient delivery formats are available, so they receive training when and where you choose. They will learn to successfully lead, manage, and achieve results through others.

Burst Learning Model Guarantees Results

With our burst learning model, managers will learn, associate, and practice skills. Then, they apply them on the job with personalized action plans. Instead of a one-time training event, we’ve divided key competencies into short courses that are taken over a period of time, so new managers have time to learn and apply the skills before they learn the next set of skills.

New Manager Training Develops These Essential Management Skills

  1. Accountability & Taking Ownership
  2. Change Management
  3. Coaching & Mentoring
  4. Communication
  5. Conflict Resolution
  6. Empowerment
  7. Motivation & Attitude Improvement
  8. Professionalism
  9. Relationship Building
  10. Teamwork

Don’t leave your new manager’s success to chance.

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