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The Customer Service Road Map

Developed around our patent-pending learning model, we offer a series of short, bite-sized courses focused on developing 7 core customer service skills. Courses build upon each other, creating a culture of service and continuous improvement.

1. Three Ingredients for Customer Loyalty
Consistently earning customer loyalty takes both the right attitude and skill set. In this course you will learn:

  • How to manage a customer’s expectations.
  • The role emotional connection plays in customer loyalty.
  • How customer perceptions affect loyalty.
  • How to generate repeat and referral business through customer loyalty.

2. Creating a “Happy to See You” Customer Experience
Build lasting impressions by making the customer feel welcome and by improving all customer touch points. In this course you will learn:

  • How to put all five senses to work to make good impressions.
  • How to use active listening to improve your customer service skills.
  • How to create customer delight by focusing on their preferences.
  • How to put more customer care into the way you do business.

3. Champion vs. Victim: Building the Proper Mindset
To provide superior service, you have to control how you think – your mindset. In this course you will learn:

  • How to access a “champion mindset” for service excellence.
  • How to perform your role regardless of your mood.
  • How to resist falling prey to anger and resentment.
  • How to always maintain a professional demeanor.

4. The Formula for Success
Discover your power to influence the outcome of even the most challenging service situations. In this course you will learn:

  • How to manage tough customers with strategy and emotional intelligence.
  • How to easily handle customer complaints and service breakdowns.
  • How to redirect your behavior to produce better results.
  • How to resolve conflict during difficult customer service situations.

5. Managing Mistakes and Complaints
Developing strong conflict resolution and creative problem-solving skills will turn your mistakes into opportunities. In this course you will learn:

  • How to strengthen a customer relationship even after a mistake is made.
  • What to do when an angry customer yells, complains, and vents.
  • How to use service recovery tools to restore customer loyalty.
  • The most important thing you can do with a customer complaint.

6. What To Say – And What Not To Say
The words you choose and how you say them can either enhance the customer relationship or harm it. In this course you will learn:

  • Phrases to eliminate from your customer service conversations.
  • Soothing phrases that ease a customer’s concerns.
  • Forbidden phrases that escalate customer service breakdowns.
  • How your attitude and words can calm an upset customer.

7. Reframe Challenging Customer Behavior
Choosing to see your customer’s demanding, irritating, and difficult ways in a positive perspective will make it significantly easier to provide excellent service. In this course you will learn:

  • How to create better outcomes with difficult customers.
  • Ways to calm yourself, replace negative judgment, and prevent overreaction during tough customer service situations.
  • How to see the finer qualities in a customer’s negative behaviors.
  • Communication techniques that will help you look at problems from a different viewpoint.

8. Continuous Improvement: Always Striving to be Your Best
Continually improving your skills and services puts you at the top of your game, makes you more likely to attract future business, and ensures you stay relevant to your customers. In this course, you will learn:

  • How a culture of continuous improvement impacts customer service.
  • Key steps that others often overlook, that will get you the results you want.
  • How to implement continuous improvement efforts in your workplace.
  • What a continuous improvement mindset can do for you personally.

9. Using Two-Way Communication to Improve Customer Relationships
When strong two-way communication is used great things happen – customers are happy, coworkers get along, and management is able to lead for the best results. In this course you will learn:

  • How to use two-way communication to increase customer satisfaction.
  • How to ask for, and respond to, customer feedback.
  • How to keep customers loyal and engaged with two-way communication.
  • How to effectively deliver bad news to a customer.

10. The Golden Rule: Treat Customers According to their Preferred Style
When you’re aware of the four customer styles, you can adapt your behavior to better serve each type. In this course you will learn:

  • To build instant rapport by treating customers according to their preferred style.
  • How to adapt your own style and attitude to bring out the best in each customer.
  • How to create customer delight by mirroring customer behavior styles.
  • To replace negative judgments with compassionate customer care.

11. Think Like an Entrepreneur: Take Responsibility & Be Committed
When you think like an entrepreneur, you take responsibility for positive outcomes and are committed to making the best possible decisions. In this course you will learn:

  • How to make choices that create positive outcomes for your customers, your company and you.
  • How to use creative problem solving to create customer delight.
  • Why you should consider yourself the CEO of your career.
  • How entrepreneurial thinking can help you overcome service excellence challenges.

12. Key Skills from The Customer Service Road Map
This course reviews and reinforces key lessons learned from each of the courses in The Customer Service Road Map. In this course you will learn:

  • How to follow up and strategically create customer experiences that render the competition irrelevant.
  • To practice and refine the essential skills of service excellence.
  • How to tap into customer perceptions and exceed customer expectations.
  • To recognize the service excellence skills you’re using, and those you should start using.

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The Customer Service Road Map Testimonials

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  • "...insightful stories...creative approaches...incredible experience..."

    - Robert MacPhee, President, Heart Set
  • "It really helped our firm develop stronger customer relations." 

    - Lynn Drake, President, Compass Commercial LLC ITRA Global
  • "In today's customer service deprived world here is a proven set of easy-to-follow ideas guaranteed to help improve your organization." 

    - Rick Jakle, Chairman of the Board, Sherman Health Systems
  • "Engaging stories from the trenches of customer service - everyone offering strategies that you can use to grow your customer service savvy."

    - Ford Saeks, President/CEO, Prime Concepts Group, Inc.
  • "Applicable to every business that desires to serve their customers."

    - Keith A. Pretty, J.D., President and CEO, Northwood University
  • "Concrete information and skills...practical and easy to learn...very user friendly"

    - Dori Bush, President, Association of Child Abuse Prevention
  • "Widely popular. Well attended. This customer service training is rated highly for tuning into needs and providing useful skills."

    - Gretchen Zobel, FPN Chairperson, Ford Motor Company
  • "A wonderful time while learning so much! ...great tools for the staff to take our customer service to the next level."

    - Dr. Julia A. Teahen, President, Baker College Online
  • "This is an invaluable how-to for anyone looking to incorporate successful human interaction into complex business relationships."

    - Raz Ingrasci, President & CEO, Hoffman Institute Foundation
  • "A useful tool in keeping our organization ahead of our competition."

    - Steve DeRose, Clubhouse Manager, University Club of Chicago


FAQ for The Customer Service Road Map

Questions are grouped by category. Click any question to see its answer.

General Overview

What skills does the training curriculum teach?

Employees will learn 7 key customer service skills. Click here to view the complete list.

Who is the audience?

Any employee and their managers who have front-line contact with customers should participate in The Customer Service Road MapLearn more about the audience for this training program. If you are wondering whether your students would be a good fit, a training consultant would be happy to help you. Contact one today by completing a short form or calling 1-800-541-7872.

How does it work?

Instead of a one-time training event, we offer a series of short, bite-sized courses focused on developing 7 core customer service skills for supervisors and managers. Courses teach practical skills that can be immediately applied back on the job. Learn how each of the 7 active learning components work within our patent-pending learning model.

Can you describe your patent-pending learning model?

There are 7 interactive learning components in each course that help students learn, associate, and practice new skills – then apply them on the job with personalized action plans – all before learning the next skill. Learn more about our patent-pending learning model.

How long is a course?

  • E-learning courses are 30 minutes.
  • Classroom training sessions can last from 15 minutes to 2 hours depending on which active learning components you use and how long you want exercises to last.
  • Blended learning sessions have two parts. E-learning courses last 30 minutes. Group training sessions last 30 or 60 minutes.

Can I try a course?

Yes, click this link to preview a course from The Customer Service Road Map. You will have complete access. You can also view and print facilitator and participant guides.

What support materials are available?

Support materials that include pre-assessments, note-taking guides, post-discussion questions, group exercises, quizzes, and personal action plans are available for every course. You can view and print Facilitator and Participant Guides when previewing a course.


What delivery formats are available?

Courses are available for group or self-paced learning. Delivery formats include blended learning, e-learning, classroom, small groups, DVDs, web-based training, streaming video, webinars, and custom solutions. You can use our learning management system (LMS) or courses can be provided for your LMS.

How often should students take a course? (The Training Schedule)

When scheduling training sessions it is important to keep your goals in mind — you want to improve service which will drive customer loyalty and profits.

It is critical that you don’t overwhelm students by providing too many courses at one time and that students have time to apply their new skills back on the job with their personal action plans.

We recommend students complete two courses a month, but it is different for every client. Here is a break-down of the course frequency from a recent survey of clients:

  • 2 courses per month = 42%
  • 1 course per week = 28%
  • 1 course per month = 18%
  • All day event (3-6 courses) = 5%
  • As needed, on-demand, time permitting = 4%
  • 1 course per quarter = 3%

Course frequency really depends on your organization, your student’s time constraints, and the delivery format you intend to use.

A training consultant will help you create a schedule that will fit your exact needs. Contact one today by completing a short form or calling 1-800-541-7872.

Do the courses have to be taken in order?

Our instructional designers took a multi-pronged approach when they designed the curriculum. We recommend having your students complete the courses in order, but each course can stand alone. If there are specific skills that you want your students to learn immediately, go ahead and have them take that course first. There are few exceptions. A training consultant will be happy to help you. Contact one today by completing a short form or calling 1-800-541-7872.

Does The Customer Service Road Map include group exercises, role-plays, and scenario-based learning?

Are Leader’s Guides (Facilitator’s Guides) available for every course?

Yes. Leader’s guides are available for every course. (We call them Facilitator’s Guides.) You can view and print Facilitator’s Guides in the course preview.

Do group leaders have to be certified to facilitate training sessions?

No. Our Facilitator’s Guides are developed and written in such a way that anyone can lead training sessions. We believe if trainer certification is required to lead group training sessions that those materials may be too complex.

Your organization won’t have to waste time and money sending people away to learn how to lead a group training session. You won’t be locked into one or two employees who are certified facilitators — anyone can do it. Learn more about facilitating group training sessions with our materials.

Can anyone lead group training sessions?

Yes. Leading group training is easy with the facilitator’s guides and training materials we provide. Many of our clients don’t have HR professionals or trainers to lead sessions, so managers and students often take turns leading sessions. The materials provide the expertise. The group leader needs to know how to manage the clock and make sure one person doesn’t control the discussion. Learn more about the benefits of having your students and managers lead group training sessions.

Skill Application

What on-the-job tools ensure students use their new skills?

During a course, each student will create a personal action plan laying out the specific steps they will take to apply new skills in the workplace. When they return to their job they have their own step-by-step guide that makes it easy for them to implement their new skills. Learn more about personal action plans and holding students accountable for applying skills back on the job.

How do we hold students accountable for using their new skills?

Click this link to learn about the most popular options our clients use to hold their students accountable for using their new skills in the workplace. A training consultant would be happy to walk through the options that will work for your organization. Contact one today by completing a short form or calling 1-800-541-7872.

What is the best (easiest, quickest) follow-up method to ensure success?

The best (easiest, quickest) follow-up method depends on your organization’s culture, your students, and their managers. We suggest reading about the available options then contacting a training consultant who can help you choose an option that will fit your needs. Contact a training consultant today by completing a short form or calling 1-800-541-7872.

What resources do students have when they are done?

We recommend students put their completed Participant Guides into a 3-ring binder. (Even students who take e-learning courses are able to print their completed Participant Guides.) The 3-ring binder containing their materials will be a reference tool they can use throughout their careers. When a student is faced with a particular situation, they can pull out their binder as a quick reference. If they still have access to The Customer Service Road Map, they can also retake courses as often as they like.

Return-on-Investment (ROI)

What results can we expect after participating in The Customer Service Road Map?

Click this link to review the benefits our clients have been receiving as a result of participating in The Customer Service Road Map. If you have any questions a training consultant would be happy to help you, contact one today by completing a short form or calling 1-800-541-7872.

What will our Return-on-investment (ROI) be?

Every organization’s ROI is different. Most of our clients anticipate a return of four times their investment. Our client’s average first-year return is 420%. Learn how to calculate ROI for your organization.


What is the cost of the training program?

Your organization’s investment depends on factors like the number of students, licensing model, and delivery format. A typical investment ranges from $50 to $350 student.

Discounts are based volume, so if you have an above average number of students participating your investment could be sustainably lower. Custom solutions may be higher. We can accommodate any scenario.

Contact a training consultant for pricing options by completing a short form or calling 1-800-541-7872. After a short conversation, a training consultant will be able to give you pricing that fits your objectives.

BTE Company Information

How long have you been in business?

We have been providing training since 2002. Our founder and managing partner has been in media and seminar-based training since 1994.

Who are the Subject Matter Experts featured in your training?

Featured Experts in The Customer Service Road Map were hand-picked from North America’s top authors, speakers, and trainers. Learn more about our Subject Matter Experts and review their biographies.

What other training courses do you offer?

To find a complete list of the training courses we offer, click ‘Find Training’ at the top of this page. You will be able to search for training by topic, audience, and challenge. You can also talk to a training consultant to see if we have a program for your specific needs. Contact one today by completing a short form or calling 1-800-541-7872.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes. Click this link to review our guarantee for The Customer Service Road Map. If you have any questions, contact a training consultant today by completing a short form or calling 1-800-541-7872.

Web-based Learning

What are the system requirements for taking online courses?

Courses can be taken on a PC, Mac, terminal, tablet, or smartphone. Our system requirements are minimal:

  • Internet connection (not dial-up)
  • A web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari

For video delivery, we partnered with Amazon Web Services to ensure quality and reliability. Streaming video quality automatically adjusts to your network’s settings and the student’s available bandwidth. Courses can be taken anywhere in the world.

Can we use your Learning Management System (LMS)?

Yes. Use of our LMS is included.

Can we use your course on our LMS?

Yes. We can provide courses in any format that you need. Complete a short form or call 1-800-541-7872 to talk with a training consultant who can get you a course to test on your LMS.

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